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Federal Flight Deck Officers

Thank you for your interest in the Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO) Program.  Interested applicants should complete the Volunteer Questionnaire (VQ) available online at  Due to security requirements the VQ must be completed within 60 minutes.   It is recommended that applicants print a copy of the completed VQ for their records.

Processing of completed VQs may take several weeks. After VQs are evaluated, the Program Office will contact applicants for further processing as need dictates.  Incomplete VQs will not be processed and may result in a disqualification from the application process.

Former Federal Flight Deck Officers Requesting Reinstatement

If you have served as a Federal Flight Deck Officer, and have not had a deputation revoked by TSA, you may be eligible for reinstatement. FFDOs seeking to return to active status after an extended period of inactivity should file an incident report on the FFDO Dashboard.  Incident reports should include the reason for the period of inactivity.  FFDOs without access to the Dashboard should contact the Aviation Programs Section WatchDesk at 866-883-8533. The following guidelines

Years of Inactivity Requirements
Less than one Complete firearms requalification
From one - two Complete two-day Recurrent Training Program
From two  - three Complete initial training course, Artesia, NM
Over three Re-apply to FFDO program
Latest revision: 20 December 2013