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Being Nimble and Flexible to Support the Mission

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Photo of Danielle Bean.When Danielle Bean started with TSA in 2002, she was told that being flexible and nimble was necessary when joining what was then a new agency. A decade, several cross-country moves, and multiple positions at four different airports later, Bean is the proud embodiment of what it means to be flexible in protecting hundreds of millions of passengers every year.

At Lansing Capital City Airport in Michigan, Bean’s first job with the agency was as a Transportation Security Officer during the roll out there, and then she was promoted to Scheduling Operations Officer. She kept that position at her second airport, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International, and when she moved back to Michigan, she remained in the same role at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW).

Three years later, still at DTW, Bean was offered a Program Analyst position in support of the Region 6 Director and relocated to Los Angeles. She then transitioned to her current role as Stakeholder Manager at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Bean meets regularly with 75 domestic and international air carriers that operate out of LAX, as well as with the airport authority and many companies that do business with the airport. For each, Bean provides operational updates, metrics, and situational awareness materials. She also serves as the primary point of contact to address and resolve inquiries and complaints. She also interacts with the local community to educate the traveling public about the agency and its programs like TSA Cares and TSA Pre✓™.

Danielle Bean at Los Angeles International Airport.Danielle Bean at Los Angeles International Airport
Photo by Jamie S. Arakawa

What I do matters because working with the local community groups, airlines, airport authority, and related businesses helps me to understand the TSA mission through the eyes of the traveling public. My experiences working for several airports in a number of different positions have provided me the hands-on knowledge, skills and abilities to support our employees and our mission to protect passengers and the American people.

What I find most challenging about my job is working with different stakeholder groups to help them understand our security processes and programs. I know that folks appreciate the explanations I provide and recognize the time needed to get their questions answered. Listening to and understanding the concerns of both the traveling public and local groups is critical for me to determine the most effective way to meet the needs of everyone. While that can be challenging, the process is always rewarding.

The most rewarding aspect of my work is facilitating engagement with airlines, airport business, the airport itself, and diverse groups in the community because it helps build a more comprehensive understanding  of TSA’s mission, dispels myths about the screening process, and creates a more informed and confident traveler. My objective has remained focused on educating our local aviation and business partners and providing effective support to our workforce so they can do the hard work of ensuring the security of the traveling public. That is very important to me because I have an incredible appreciation for what we accomplish as an agency across all levels. I also feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people along the way and learn from each one of them. 

From the Office of Strategic Communications/Public Affairs

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