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Canine Adoption

Canine Training and Evaluation Section (CTES)

Canines that were unsuitable for training and employment within TSA are available for adoption. Additionally, canines that have served their country and retired may also be available for adoption. These canines make great pets and are placed without charge in good homes. All canines are spayed or neutered and receive a complete physical prior to placement in a home. Canines available for adoption are located in San Antonio, Texas.

There is no adoption charge, however potential adopters are required to come to San Antonio to meet and pick up their new canine.

If you are interested in adopting a TSA canine, please contact us at

Adoption Requirements (not all-inclusive)

  • Travel to/from San Antonio
  • Must have acceptable housing arrangements
  • Other pets must have current vaccinations
  • Agree to provide veterinary care
Latest revision: 12 February 2013