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Jim SpriggsJim Spriggs has worked with TSA since 2004 and first joined the agency at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) where he worked as an Industrial Engineer.  While stationed at Detroit, Spriggs held positions as a supervisory engineer, acting branch manager of engineering and as the Administrative Officer.  Spriggs moved his family to Cleveland in 2009 when he accepted a position as the Assistant Federal Security Director for Screening Operations for Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) and spoke airports.  In 2011, he became the Deputy Federal Security Director for CLE.

Before joining TSA, Spriggs worked for American Airlines in a variety of positions at Chicago O’Hare, Detroit Metro and St. Louis Lambert International Airport. As an engineer for TSA, Spriggs used his extensive airport knowledge and helped the agency apply the Staffing Allocation Model efforts to improve complex screening operations. He also helped analyze and design a number of baggage systems and security checkpoints for TSA. Over the years, his experience at Cat X and I airports formed his management style.

“Clearly our most important asset is our people.  I want my team to work independently and encourage them to make their own decisions. I know that within any large, successful organization, it is the accomplishment of each individual employee that drives the organization and no single person can flourish on their own,”   said Spriggs.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work at TSA has been my interaction with the employees.  I have great pride in knowing how dedicated and professional the people of TSA are and I am never afraid to tell people in the community how important our role is in securing the transportation system.  As the Deputy FSD, I can influence a large number of employees by helping their managers and supervisors understand the importance of empowerment. I want employees who make decisions and who trust themselves to do the right thing. We all come to work each day and want to prosper.  As a leader, I try to find ways to let that happen.”

“I am constantly challenged by competing interests that test our success and our image as a federal agency. Managing our resources to drive greater efficiencies without affecting our security standards and customer service levels will dominate our actions over the next several years. We cannot compromise on our mission and the key to making it all happen are the people who work for TSA. I hope that I can continue to find ways to help them meet their objectives and enable them to be gratified by the important work they do each day.”

From the Office of Strategic Communications/Public Affairs

Latest revision: 12 July 2013