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Delivering Face-to-Face Intel Updates to Frontline Employees

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NIO Michael Perry conducts a briefing.Michael Perry is a Supervisory Coordination Center Officer (SCCO) at Nevada’s Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO). Perry also serves as a collateral duty Network Information Officer (NIO), providing face-to-face security information and situational awareness to his colleagues.

Perry joined TSA as a part-time TSO in 2008 after retiring from the U.S. Army. He was promoted to Expert Security Instructor and, more recently, SCCO and Emergency Management Coordinator in 2011.

As a NIO and chair of the airport’s TSA Network Communications Team, Perry ensures that his coworkers have the latest security-related information vetted by leadership and the highest levels of situational awareness related to TSA’s counterterrorism mission.

In an effort to pull together the most useful information for the RNO team, Perry regularly collaborates with a variety of partners, including the regional Field Intelligence Officer, Fusion Center, Local Emergency Operation Centers, and airport stakeholders. To make information accessible, Perry uses a mix of communication vehicles, including face-to-face daily briefings, iShare, video productions, and binders.

“What I do as a Network Information Officer matters because I feel that the information I gather and disseminate to my colleagues is important to being mission ready. Effective communication and information sharing are critical factors contributing to the overall success of any organization, and I believe I play an important role in our team’s communication matrix. Whether it’s intel on the latest threat or information on a current event that could impact the drive into work, effectively communicating this information is what drives my passion to succeed.

“The most rewarding element of my duty as a NIO is playing an important role in communicating relevant and timely information to employees. My work with a range of security and intelligence stakeholders to gather and share threat information and intelligence helps ensure our frontline Officers have the awareness and access to information they need to uphold the TSA mission.

 “The greatest challenge in this position is building the communication processes to assure maximum saturation of the information. My effectiveness as a NIO depends on my ability to communicate the same information through multiple secure channels so all employees can benefit.”

From the Office of Strategic Communications/Public Affairs

Latest revision: 03 September 2013