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Employee Spotlight: Diego Vivar

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Photo of Diego Vivar teaching.Diego Vivar, a Security Training Instructor from Florida’s Sarasota Bradenton International Airport, is part of a team of ten facilitators currently staffing the Essentials of Supervising Screening Operations (ESSO) course at the TSA Academy in Glynco, Georgia. As a critical element of Administrator Pistole’s vision of moving TSA forward as a high-performing counterterrorism agency, ESSO is designed to provide STSOs with the core knowledge and job skills to contribute to TSA’s success.

What I do matters because I am part of something bigger than being only an instructor. I am part of a team that directly supports the Administrator’s vision for TSA. Our goal is to help STSOs understand how their actions impact the mission and recognize that everything they do causes a ripple effect, influencing everyone to include their local teams, the organization and the public. Our team works hard to reinforce risk-based security. We encourage Officers across TSA to engage in conversation with their STSO about the impact RBS will have on their operation.

What do you find most rewarding about your work at TSA? ESSO offers each of us a unique opportunity to interact with STSOs from across the country. We find ourselves learning as much from the class as the instructors do from us. We find ourselves learning as much from the class as they do from us. Knowing something we have said has the chance to positively impact our workforce and make a difference in the field is the most rewarding aspect of our work.

In what ways does your job challenge you? Each class lasts approximately 10 days, and that makes us continuously adapt to new and different audiences. While diversity plays a valuable role in the learning process, we are faced with the challenge of ensuring every ESSO class is both effective and engaging.

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