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Ensuring Effective Collaboration With Industry Stakeholders

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At headquarters, TSS Christian Esteves (right) talks with Don Barnes, an Indirect Air Carrier Regional Compliance Coordinator with Security Operations. Photo courtesy of Public Affairs Christian Esteves joined TSA in 2002 as a screener and today is a Transportation Security Specialist with the Office of Security Operations. As a Regional Compliance Coordinator in the Indirect Air Carrier-Certified Cargo Screening Program section of the Compliance Division, Esteves reviews and approves certifications for more than 5,200 indirect air carriers and certified cargo screening facilities.

He also provides guidance to industry stakeholders and policy guidance and recommendations to TSA leadership. Esteves conducts corporate and facility assessments of indirect air carriers and certified cargo screening facilities to evaluate compliance efficiencies and identify security deficiencies. In addition, he serves as a primary point of contact for stakeholders and external groups for interpretation of aviation and cargo security laws, rules, and regulations.

“What I do matters because the security of air cargo has been identified as one of the many risks in today’s world of air transportation. Our team works to identify certain vulnerabilities regarding air cargo and supply chain security, and we’ve developed requirements outlining a layered approach to air cargo risk-based security.

“What I find most rewarding about my work is the constant and ongoing interaction with the industry stakeholders and our regulatory Inspectors. I particularly enjoy the role of educator for our team since we initiate guidance about regulatory compliance that must be understood by industry stakeholders and our own compliance teams. It’s extremely rewarding when our combined efforts toward consistency and efficiency are successful.

“One of the main functions of this position is real-time communication with industry stakeholders about security programs and regulatory compliance. The over-arching challenge is to provide guidance and ensure that there is sufficient collaboration with our compliance teams so that policy interpretations and messaging to both internal and external stakeholders are in sync.”

From the Office of Strategic Communications/Public Affairs

Latest revision: 21 March 2014