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Edward (Ed) Cloninger, Transportation Security Specialist (TSS) with the National Targeting Center – Cargo Edward (Ed) Cloninger, Transportation Security Specialist (TSS) with the National Targeting Center – Cargo (NTC-C), is a subject matter expert in the Cargo Targeting Unit (CTU). He is charged with providing support, expertise, and communication during investigations involving cargo.

He is one of the first permanent TSS employees hired into the CTU and offers previous experience as a Cargo Transportation Security Inspector (TSI). He has been valuable supporting TSA field inspectors during their assignments and contributing to CTU’s success because of his ability to communicate clearly and professionally with the representatives of agencies who occupy the NTC-C.

The CTU’s most important function is supporting the many components involved in cargo security. Cloninger has played a key role in the expansion of the CTU by continuing to identify areas of improvement that support risk based security measures and TSA’s counterterrorism mission.

What I do matters because I contribute to the security of cargo transported throughout the nation and world. As a TSS with the CTU, I work with multiple agencies ensuring effective and efficient communication – related to cargo security – is accomplished. I have a unique opportunity to work in one of the most innovative environments and collaborate with others from agencies across DHS. Every day I make a positive impact on our field resources, working with the best regulatory inspectors from ports throughout the country.

The most rewarding part of my job is that I make a difference in TSA’s risk methodology. As the TSA inspection process continues to evolve and improve under RBS, I firmly believe the CTU will continue to ease the burden on TSI’s by providing information needed to create a more effective workplace. The work I carry out every day positively impacts our nation’s security – and that is highly satisfying.

I am most proud of being part of a small, but committed team that ensures the safe and secure movement of cargo from, to, and within the United States. The CTU’s ability to support TSA’s mission and positively represent the agency at the NTC-C is something we do not take lightly. I am proud of the agency, the work conducted at the NTC-C, and our ability to be a high-performing counterterrorism organization.

From the Office of Strategic Communications and Public Affairs

Latest revision: 04 August 2014