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Photo of Michelle Calcaño.Michelle Calcaño is an Inspection and Compliance Assistant who helps educate the public about regulations pertaining to air travel.

She is part of a team that issues civil enforcement actions against violators who introduce certain prohibited items at security checkpoints and in checked baggage.

Calcaño joined TSA in 2008 as a Transportation Security Officer at Richmond (Va.) International Airport. After nearly three years as an officer, she became an Assistant Training Instructor and worked as a mentor providing on the job training for Advanced Imaging Technology, before moving to her current position.

What I do matters because it is through positive interactions with the traveling public that we, as an agency, build a better image. My team and I work hard on a daily basis to educate the public about the regulations. We are responsible for initiating, assessing, and analyzing enforcement cases as well as assigning monetary penalties where appropriate. Our primary goal is compliance and we work to help passengers better understand a violation, even if they may not agree with a regulation. People are less likely to repeat the offense if they better understand the regulation and violation.

Latest revision: 16 April 2013