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John Sanders

Assistant Administrator for the Office of Security Capabilities

John SandersJohn Sanders was named Assistant Administrator for the Office of Security Capabilities and Chief Technology Officer in August 2012. In this capacity, he oversees the implementation and development, test and evaluation, acquisition, deployment and maintenance of TSA security technologies and systems across multiple modes of transportation.

Sanders joined TSA in 2010 and served as the Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Office of Security Technologies, where he focused on day-to-day operations and assisted TSA senior leadership in the development and execution of risk-based security initiatives. In support, he oversaw the establishment of an evaluation program to capture lessons learned and provide an empirical basis for both the expansion and future iterations of risk-based security.

Prior to joining TSA, Sanders worked in the private sector bringing more than 20 years of aviation industry experience to his role as TSA’s Chief Technology Officer. Throughout his career, he served in progressive leadership positions in a range of technical environments, where he was responsible for assessing safety and security needs, analyzing risk, evaluating operational performance and designing the most efficient and effective solutions possible. As part of the executive leadership teams of some of the most innovative companies in the industry, he played an instrumental role in the evolution of transportation security technology.

Sanders earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of California San Diego and a Master of Science in Physics from San Diego State University.

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