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Long Time Aviation Professional Receives Prestigious Award

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TSO Jim Weisbruch (right) receives the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award at a ceremony in Allentown, Pennsylvania from FAA FSDO Manager Gene McCoy.Photo courtesy of TSA Lehigh Valley.Jim Weisbruch, a TSO at Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley International Airport, is a longtime aviation professional who was recently recognized with the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award. The award recognizes pilots who have demonstrated professionalism, skill, and aviation expertise by maintaining safe operations for 50 or more years. This achievement makes Weisbruch one of just 2,200 pilots out of more than 900,000 who have been recognized with this award. He joins an elite category of pilots like legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong and Chuck Yeager, the first man to break the sound barrier.

  • How has your aviation career prepared you for TSA?
    My experience as a commercial airline pilot for nearly four decades before joining TSA, along with my Doctorate of Aviation, helped me sharply tune my aviation transportation security senses so that I could support TSA’s counterterrorism mission. During my commercial flying days I experienced a hijacking and several bomb threats. It’s those experiences and memories that serve as vivid reminders of our important role to ensure the safety and security of every passenger that travels by plane and other modes of transportation.
  • My job is important because...
    I know that the work I do every day as a frontline Officer is connected to a larger, global network of counterterrorism professionals, technologies, and initiatives. Having spent more than half of my life flying aircraft, I never take for granted the important role TSA plays in securing our transportation networks—not for one second. Because of the hard work we accomplish throughout the year and the strong commitment to mission, millions of people reach their destinations safely. I’m proud of what I do and know that I help make a difference. And that matters to me.

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Latest revision: 18 March 2013