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Merging High Tech with TSA's Counterterrorism Mission

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Kevin Lawson is an IT innovator and customer advocate. As Branch Chief for Mission Engagement with the Office of Information Technology (OIT), Lawson is responsible for emerging technology, internal customer relationship management, and IT marketing and communications.

Lawson leads a team of Customer Relationship Managers who work closely with agency executives, program managers and other customers to help define IT requirements. He and his team ensure that offices and programs receive the IT products and services required to achieve their goals and meet their objectives.

Kevin Lawson (left) speaks with Bruce Meermans, Branch Chief of Emerging Technology in OIT.Lawson also drives internal awareness and understanding of the agency’s IT products, services, capabilities and policies. During the past two years, Lawson and his team have been the tip of the spear on OIT’s “Secure Mobile Computing” initiative, coordinating efforts to introduce iPads and iPhones at TSA to drive down costs and increase efficiency.
“What I do as an IT Specialist matters because our use of technology is absolutely essential and a cornerstone to successfully and efficiently execute TSA’s transportation security mission.

“The most rewarding aspects of my job are engaging with customers to understand their problems and challenges, then delivering a solution to meet their needs. Sometimes these solutions are quick – just blending an existing capability with a little training or guidance, and other times it’s wrapping up a major effort and delivering a new solution or capability that significantly impacts the agency.

“My goal is to provide TSA with the most efficient and effective technology solutions in support of our homeland security mission. One of my challenges is simply staying up to date on technology and its potential application at TSA in a world where new technology is being introduced at an extraordinary speed. Another challenge is being responsive to a diverse set of customer needs and priorities in our constantly changing and evolving operating environment. Fortunately, like the rest of my colleagues in OIT, I have a passion for technology and for TSA’s mission, so I am definitely up for these challenges.”

From the Office of Strategic Communications/Public Affairs

Latest revision: 26 July 2013