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New Employee Steps Up in Emergency Situation, Saves Accident Victims

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Raymond Johnson joined TSA less than a month ago and if his courageous response to a roadside accident is any indication about the type of person he is, the agency is lucky to have him.

Johnson, a Financial Specialist with the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer, was driving with his wife on I-95 in North Carolina when he witnessed something he couldn’t believe.

“I literally saw this car fly through the air and then land in a 15-foot ditch,” recalled Johnson. “I turned to my wife and said, ‘did this really happen’.”

Without any hesitation, Johnson pulled over and immediately ran toward the accident.

When he made his way down a muddy embankment and through a patch of bushes, he found the car flipped over and “smashed like a pancake.” Another driver had also stopped to assist.

Together, the two men opened the passenger side door to remove one of the occupants. With the car smoking, they quickly made their way to the other side of the vehicle where they had to break the door to remove the driver who was dazed and also bleeding from the head.
Both of the accident victims were then treated for injuries by paramedics who arrived on the scene.

“She said I left our car door wide open and the car running – and that I bolted,” said Johnson, referring to his wife’s recollections of the first few seconds following the accident. “I just reacted in the moment and did what I hope someone else would do for me in a situation like that.”

From the Office of Strategic Communications/Public Affairs

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