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New York Behavior Detection Officers Join Together to Save Ailing Man

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Lead BDOs Paul Markowski (left) and Michael DoughertyShortly after leaving their early morning shift a group of Behavior Detection Officers (BDO) came to the aid of a man in distress.

LaGuardia Airport BDOs Michael Dougherty and Paul Markowski were headed towards their vehicles when they noticed a man standing between two cars and waving for help. When the Officers approached the man he was gasping for air and waving a nonfunctioning inhaler.

The suffering man started to sweat profusely and Dougherty, realizing he was having a seizure and about to fall, positioned himself to catch him in his arms. Markowski and Dougherty worked together to gently lay the man on the ground.

Fellow BDOs Vilma Pineda and Annisa Simpson saw what was happening, called 911, and quickly ran over to assist. At the same time, BDOs Christopher Yanez, Anthony Alvarez, Onix Conde and Kareem Graham began to divert traffic from the area.

A few minutes later the paramedics arrived on the scene and transported the man to a nearby hospital.

“While off-duty and away from the airport LGA BDOs responded to a person in need and took immediate action,” said Manager Mark Ruszczynski. “I am very proud of the quick thinking and solid teamwork our BDOs employed to save the man’s life.”

By Kimberly Kraynak-Lambert, Office of Strategic Communications/Public Affairs

Latest revision: 21 April 2014