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Orlando Officer Aides Police in Locating Bomb Threat Suspect

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Supervisory Transportation Security Officer Yessenia Garcia A Florida Officer found herself in the right place at the right time and helped law enforcement identify a bomb threat suspect.

Supervisory Transportation Security Officer Yessenia Garcia was headed to the TSA Coordination Center at Orlando International Airport when she observed a female passenger visibly upset and yelling into a pay phone before she violently slammed down the receiver. Garcia made a mental note of the incident and description of the female passenger before entering the Coordination Center for the morning brief.

Minutes later upon exiting the Coordination Center she observed several Orlando Police Officers dusting the pay phone for prints due to a bomb threat from that phone. Motivated by a hunch that the two incidents were connected, Garcia immediately informed the law enforcement officers what she observed earlier that morning.

Garcia provided a description of the passenger and within minutes the female suspect was located in the terminal and taken into custody for questioning.

”I commend Officer Garcia’s situational awareness and proactive engagement with law enforcement,” said FSD Jerry Henderson. “Her actions played a critical role ensuring a person attempting to cause harm was apprehended.”

By Carole Wright, Stakeholder Manager, Orlando International Airport

Latest revision: 06 March 2014