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Rachel McGlynn is a TSA employee on detail with the National Security Staff in the Executive Office of the President, serving as the Aviation Security Director in the Transborder Directorate. She provides oversight and policy coordination on domestic and international aviation security matters, national airspace security, and other matters related to countering explosives.

Rachel McGlynn outside Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive BuildingPrior to joining TSA, McGlynn was a Federal contractor who trained canines to detect explosives for the Federal Aviation Administration, supervised testing of explosives detection devices (EDS), and worked on creating threat image projection (TIP) images for x-ray and EDS.

When the decision was made to create TSA, McGlynn’s security expertise was sought out and she was selected to train the first round of Federal screeners throughout the country and then to develop the training curriculum.

In 2007, she formally joined TSA as a member of the Screening Procedures Branch in the Office of Security Operations. While there, she wrote and maintained many of the screening Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). In 2009, she was promoted, and supervised the development of all aviation screening SOPs. Prior to going on detail, McGlynn served as the acting Deputy Division Director of the newly formed Threat Assessment Division.

“What I find most rewarding about working at TSA is being involved in incident response for the agency. From the initial start-up of TSA to events like the liquid bomb threat in 2006 and the underwear bomber in 2009, I have had the opportunity to see employees come together, work long hours – sometimes overnights – to mitigate the threat and secure the skies.”

“My job is challenging because every day presents new obstacles and opportunities. In my current role at the White House, I am engaged with multiple Federal agencies, including TSA, and we tackle difficult policy decisions that have broad implications for the Federal Government, and the flying public.”  

“I am most proud of the people I work with across TSA. They do whatever it takes to keep the flying public safe and are some of the most driven people that I have ever met. I am honored to serve beside them.”

From the Office of Strategic Communications/Public Affairs

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