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Providing Dynamic Communications Across Iowa

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Photo of TSA Iowa Coordination Center Team.Throughout the past several years the TSA Iowa Coordination Center (CC) has utilized automated systems and processes – both homegrown and agency resourced – to provide dynamic communication to eight airports, partners, and national program offices.

The TSA Iowa Team is always looking for opportunities to innovate new and improved ways to carry out the mission and the Iowa CC team is a critical driver of enhanced communications. The CC team is able to accomplish that by leveraging their audio/visual production expertise to take messaging to the next level. Whether it’s a step-by-step tutorial, or helping an audience better understand a vision, TSA Iowa’s Coordination Center team is passionate about promoting dynamic communication and improving culture across the agency.

In addition, the CC focuses heavily on facilitating video conferencing to promote inclusion, teamwork, and critical communication among all of Iowa’s airports. Besides web-conferencing, the CC also hosts incident management bridges for leadership, and shares training events in real-time to sites across the state.

Photo of TSA Iowa Coordination Center Camera.What we do matters because we recognize that many people are audio-visual learners and respond positively to real-time communications, so we focus a lot of our attention on meeting that objective. Every day, CC Officers produce an all-inclusive video briefing that provides the most up-to-date intelligence, relevant training, and important organizational information. Through the video briefing, regardless of the shift start time or size of the airport, each Transportation Security Officer and staff member at TSA Iowa is provided a consistent message that keeps them educated and motivated to keep the transportation system secure.

The most rewarding aspect of our work is brainstorming with all members of the TSA Iowa team to promote shared ownership, creative thinking, and actionable ideas that apply not only to our operation but also to all of TSA.

The successes and contributions of the TSA Iowa CC are the direct result of the entire team of professionals throughout the state committed to the success of the agency’s mission, vision and core values.

Latest revision: 19 April 2013