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Joe Paradis is a Program Analyst with OSO Communications. In that capacity, he serves as the writer and editor of the National Shift Brief, the coordinator and trainer for the Passenger Support Specialist (PSS) Program, and the HQ point-of-contact for all Customer Support & Quality Improvement Managers and Stakeholder Managers in the field.

Joe ParadisParadis began his TSA career as a part-time Transportation Security Officer at Manchester International Airport in New Hampshire, gradually working his way up to Lead Transportation Security Officer. He served on his local Employee Advisory Council, as a conflict management trainer, and is an alumnus of the National Advisory Council.

“What I do matters because the content that goes into the National Shift Brief has a direct connection to TSA’s frontline officers and help to provide them with the latest threat analysis information. I try to keep the content diverse and relevant to the mission, while also providing new information that explores the worldwide threat that created our agency in the first place. It can be a challenge, but I feel that my experience on the frontline, intelligence background, writing skills and the suggestions and feedback I receive from the field all help create a quality product.”

“The most rewarding part of my job is training officers who are interested in becoming Passenger Support Specialists. I firmly believe that TSA can provide not only world class security, but also world class customer service. What we do matters on a number of layers.”

“I am most proud of the many people I have met throughout TSA who really care about our mission. I am always impressed by the way TSA employees come together to solve problems– bringing to the table their own experiences and a willingness to listen before jumping to conclusions. I can always count on learning something new every single day from my TSA co-workers. Having the privilege of being able to pass that knowledge on to employees, so that we all can learn, is a real source of pride for me.”

From the Office of Strategic Communications/Public Affairs

Latest revision: 10 January 2014