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Spotlight On Archive 2012-13


Varonda Curry Protecting Sensitive Security Information Across TSA: Varonda Curry, as Program Analyst for Communication and Outreach with the SSI (Sensitive Security Information) Program, makes sure that TSA material....» Read more
Linda Lentini Supporting Stakeholder and Employee Engagement: Linda Lentini began her career with TSA in 2009 as the Stakeholder Relations Liaison for the Freight Rail Security Division....» Read more
Cyndee Avery Coaching Employees Through Conflict: Cynthia Avery joined TSA in 2002 as a Lead Transportation Security Officer at Washington’s Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA-TAC)....» Read more
Thomas Webb Helping to strengthen and create TSA leaders: Thomas Webb is a Transportation Security Manager (TSM) at the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport....» Read more
Michael Jacobs Securing Air Cargo: Michael Jacobs is a Transportation Security Specialist (TSS) for the Office of Security Operations and TSA’s Liaison at the National Targeting Center - Cargo (NTC-C)....» Read more
Brian Strosnider Supporting the Workforce: Brian Strosnider is a key member of the Administrator’s team that handles requests when Congress has questions for TSA....» Read more
Sarah Tauber Supporting Behavior and Detection Analysis Across TSA: Sarah Tauber serves as the Branch Manager for the Behavior Detection and Analysis (BDA) Program in TSA’s Office of Security Operations....» Read more
Anne Cowan Working to expand TSA Pre✓™:  Anne Cowan is a Project Manager in the Office of Security Operations (OSO) Operations Performance Division. Working in the Operations Improvement Branch....» Read more
Kimberly Kraynak-Lambert Engaging Employees to Make a Positive Difference - Kimberly Kraynak-Lambert joined the TSA team at Pittsburgh International Airport in 2002. For more than a decade, she has been dedicated to finding positive ways to communicate....» Read more
Matt Mason Building Congressional Support - Matthew Mason, a Legislative Affairs Specialist in the Office of Legislative Affairs, organizes TSA’s congressional outreach program to highlight outstanding employees one positive story at a time....» Read more
Sheila Danabar Building a positive workplace - Sheila Danabar keeps TSA employees informed about the agency’s resolution processes. As the National Resolution POC for Oakland, Stockton and Modesto airports....» Read more
Victor Martinez Acquiring critical goods and services for TSA - Victor Martinez joined TSA in 2009 as part of the inaugural class of the TSA Resident Program – an entry-level, full-time career development two-year program at TSA headquarters....» Read more
Chris Hastings

TSO Rescues Father, Daughter After Sailboat Capsizes - It was a chilly summer afternoon in New York when Buffalo Niagara International Airport TSO Chris Hastings and his dad, Larry, decided to drive their motorboat....» Read more

Ed Phillips

Minneapolis STSO Saves A Life - On July 25th, at the Minneapolis Saint-Paul International Airport (MSP), STSO Ed Phillips saved a choking passenger’s life....» Read more

Diane Eckrich

Securing the Mission at the Checkpoint and Beyond - In her five years with TSA, Transportation Security Officer (TSO) Diane Eckrich has made the most of her opportunities....» Read more

Henry Budhram Securing Surface Transportation - Budhram joined TSA as an Officer at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport in 2005 and became a Surface Transportation Security Inspector a few years later....» Read more

Karin Glasgow

Building and Maintaining Key Partnerships Through Collaboration - Karin Glasgow cultivates TSA’s relationships with industry stakeholders, including major....» Read more

Denise Stark Ensuring Fair and Consistent Standards are Applied in Proposed Discipline Cases - Denise Stark joined TSA at Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) in January 2003 as....» Read more
Michael Perry Delivering Face-to-Face Intel Updates to Frontline Employees - Michael Perry is a Supervisory Coordination Center Officer (SCCO) at Nevada’s Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO).....» Read more
James Brown

Using Intel to Explain the ‘Whys’ Behind What We Do - James Brown is an Intelligence Operations Specialist with TSA’s Office of Intelligence & Analysis.....» Read more

Rachel McGlynn

Providing aviation oversight and policy coordination for the White House - Rachel McGlynn is a TSA employee on detail with the National Security Staff in the Executive Office of the President.....» Read more

Lauren Harrison

Merging High Tech with TSA's Counterterrorism Mission - Kevin Lawson is an IT innovator and customer advocate. As Branch Chief for Mission Engagement with the Office of Information Technology (OIT).....» Read more

Lauren Harrison

Ensuring That 9/11 Never Happens Again - Lauren Harrison joined TSA in 2010 as a Transportation Security Officer. A graduate of George Mason University, she served as a mentor for new hires and was one of the first ten Officers selected as mentors....» Read more

TSOs Save a Life

Team Effort Saves a Life at O’Hare Airport - A trio of Illinois Transportation Security Officers (TSO) used team work and quick action to come to the aid of a stricken passenger at the checkpoint.....» Read more

Blogger Bob

From TSO to TSA’s ‘Blogger-in-Chief’- TSA’s public blog, known as The TSA Blog, is managed by Bob Burns. Most people know him as “Blogger Bob.” And yes, he is a real person.....» Read more

Michael Smith Creating a Culture of Empowerment - Jim Spriggs has worked with TSA since 2004 and first joined the agency at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) where he worked as an Industrial Engineer.....» Read more
Michael Smith Teaching TSA’s History and Its Importance to the Future - Michael Smith, as the agency’s historian, Smith joined TSA in early 2010 with a background in the museum field, previously working at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and the Library of Virginia....» Read more
Jeffrey Smith Supporting Contingency Communications to Help TSA Maintain Mission Focus - Jeffrey Smith, stationed in Pensacola, Florida, is a Telecommunications Specialist with the Office of Security Operations Preparedness and Response Division....» Read more
Amy Rester Supporting Employee Transit Needs Ensures Mission Success - Amy Rester is TSA’s Public Transit Benefit Program Manager and she is dedicated to supporting the transit needs of TSA headquarters and field employees....» Read more
Andy Lee Ensuring Technology Supports TSA’s Counterterrorism Mission - Andy Lee is the Director of Test and Evaluation in the Office of Security Capabilities (OSC). He and his team manage the activities of the TSA Systems Integration Facility (TSIF)....» Read more
Bruce Sweeney continues to serve his country as a SPOT Manager at LAX Continuing to serve his country as a SPOT Manager at LAX - Bruce Sweeney is a Screening Passengers by Observation Techniques (SPOT) Transportation Security Manager (TSM) at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) ....» Read more
Brad Hayes Supporting the Mission from an Intelligence Fusion Center - Brad Hayes is an Expert Behavior Detection Officer at Indianapolis International Airport and is detailed to the Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center ....» Read more
Perry Priester Securing Air Cargo, Protecting the Public Through Risk-Based Security - Perry Priester is one of six Regional Security Inspectors for Cargo. Based at TSA’s headquarters in Virginia, he supports all Transportation Security Inspectors for Cargo ....» Read more
Employee Spotlight Lisa Farbstein Serving as Spokesperson to Help Educate the Public – Lisa Farbstein is a spokesperson with the Office of Strategic Communications/Public Affairs at headquarters, in Arlington, Virginia, where she serves....» Read more
Employee Spotlight Julia Strangie-Brown Taking Pride and Embracing Each New Opportunity – Julia Strangie-Brown wears many hats at TSA Boston Logan International Airport. From coordinating employee resources for her colleagues to serving as a Transportation Security Officer....» Read more
Employee Spotlight Robert Kennish TSA Inspector at Newark Gives Breath of Life Back to Dying Passenger – As TSA Security Inspector Robert Kennish prepared to inspect an airplane earlier this week in Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport, he spotted an elderly woman....» Read more
Employee Spotlight Michelle Calcaño Providing Dynamic Communications Across Iowa – Throughout the past several years the TSA Iowa Coordination Center (CC) has utilized automated systems and processes....» Read more
Employee Spotlight Michelle Calcaño Fostering Public Understanding of Federal Regulations – Michelle Calcaño is an Inspection and Compliance Assistant who helps educate the public about regulations pertaining to air travel....» Read more
Employee Spotlight Danielle Bean Being Nimble and Flexible to Support the Mission – When Danielle Bean started with TSA in 2002, she was told that being flexible and nimble was necessary when joining what was then a new agency. A decade, several cross-country moves....» Read more
Employee Spotlight Brian Vallely Balancing Security and Customer Service – Brian Vallely is a Transportation Security Officer at Boston’s Logan International Airport and a 10-year veteran of TSA. Before joining TSA, Vallely served as a collegiate administrator....» Read more
Employee Spotlight Jim Watts Taking Performance Metrics to a New Level – Jim Watts is a Program Manager for the Performance Measurement Information System (PMIS) Program in the Office of Security Operations (OSO) at TSA headquarters. Watts manages TSA’s business....» Read more
Employee Spotlight Erica Reaves-Williams Serving as a Voice for Field Employees – As a program analyst for the Office of Training and Workforce Engagement (OTWE), Erica Reaves-Williams is the IdeaFactory’s project lead. IdeaFactory empowers TSA employees to submit ideas....» Read more
Employee Spotlight Jim Flaherty Florida D-AFSD Risks Own Life to Save Woman Trapped in Flaming Car – Tampa International Airport D-AFSD Jim Flaherty was driving to work in the early morning hours of March 13th, when a vehicle sped past him. Minutes later....» Read more
Employee Spotlight Lori Neuffer

Cleveland Officer Helps Reunite Missing Person with Family  – A Cleveland Transportation Security Officer recently helped reunite a 13-year-old girl with her family. The girl had been missing for more than two weeks....» Read more

Employee Spotlight Aeron Pineiro Promoting Transparency in Government Through TSA’s FOIA Process – Aeron Pineiro is the Operations Manager in TSA’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Branch.  Pineiro's work before joining TSA in 2011 included serving as a Cryptologic Linguist....» Read more
Employee Spotlight Robert Collins A TSA Manager in Texas Plays a Critical Role in Saving the Life of a Passenger – In western Texas a Manager’s quick thinking and actions saved the life of a passenger who had stopped breathing....» Read more
Employee Spotlight Robert Nunnery Keeping a Focus on Safety at TSA – Robert Nunnery, who’s been with TSA since the beginning, is the Occupational Safety and Health Specialist assigned to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and is responsible for providing safety and technical support for all of the airport’s safety....» Read more
Employee Spotlight Frank Pipia, Jr. Creating Effective Communications to Promote TSA’s Core Values – Frank Pipia, Jr. is a Transportation Security Manager at Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport (MKE). As a result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the U.S., Pipia traded in his police badge for a career with TSA....» Read more
Employee Spotlight Diego Vivar Employee Spotlight: Diego Vivar – A Security Training Instructor from Florida’s Sarasota Bradenton International Airport, is part of a team of ten facilitators currently staffing the Essentials of Supervising Screening Operations (ESSO) course at the TSA Academy in Glynco, Georgia....» Read more
Employee Spotlight Steve Lorincz Dedicated to Security and Treating Passengers with Respect – Steve Lorincz has spent more than half of his life working at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) to ensure the safety of passengers, and their treatment with dignity and respect....» Read more
Employee Spotlight Jim Weisbruch Long Time Aviation Professional Receives Prestigious Award – Jim Weisbruch, a TSO at Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley International Airport, is a longtime aviation professional who was recently recognized with the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award....» Read more
San Jose Officers Identify Murder Suspects San Jose Officers Identify Murder Suspects – Late last month, five individuals were arrested on murder charges at San Jose International Airport after being identified by a TSA Officer. In the early morning hours of December 21st....» Read more
Employee Spotlight Ann Oh Employee Spotlight – Ann Oh is lead graphic designer with the Office of Strategic Communications/Public Affairs at headquarters, and is the sole designer working on the DHS If You See Something, Say Something™ public awareness campaign....» Read more


Administrator Pistole Applauds TSA Employees during Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts Administrator Pistole Applauds TSA Employees during Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts – Administrator Pistole recently visited the Federal Emergency Management’s (FEMA) Joint Field Office in Queens, New York to meet with TSA employees....» Read more
Still Proudly Serving Still Proudly Serving – Nearly a quarter of TSA’s workforce is a veteran or currently serves as an active duty service member in the U.S. armed forces. These veterans, Reservists and National Guard members also serve on the frontlines at airports across the nation....» Read more
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