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Stephen Sadler

Assistant Administrator for Intelligence and Analysis

Stephen SadlerStephen Sadler was named Assistant Administrator for the Office of Intelligence and Analysis in October 2012 to oversee the merging of the Offices of Intelligence and Transportation Threat Assessment and Credentialing. He is aligning intelligence functions with vetting operations as well as managing the technical, modernization and Secure Flight mission support resources that are critical to the TSA mission.

Sadler served as the Deputy Assistance Administrator for the Office of Intelligence and Transportation Threat Assessment and Credentialing where he oversaw intelligence-driven security threat assessments, as well as credentialing and redress activities for millions of transportation workers and airline passengers across all modes of transportation.

In early 2011, he served as the executive in charge of the risk-based security integrated project team, which focused on identifying intelligence and pre-screening enhancements to improve security. He continues to serve on the risk-based security executive steering committee.

In 2003 Sadler joined TSA as an Operation Safe Commerce project officer with the TSA Maritime and Land Division. Since then, he has served in various leadership roles and was instrumental in the implementation of TSA’s three largest vetting and credentialing programs: Secure Flight, Hazardous Materials Threat Assessment and Transportation Worker Identification Credential.

Before joining TSA, he spent 25 years in the commercial maritime industry in a number of leadership roles, including licensed captain. He graduated from the State University of New York Maritime College in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation.

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