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Supporting Employee Transit Needs Ensures Mission Success

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Amy Rester is TSA’s Public Transit Benefit Program Manager and she is dedicated to supporting the transit needs of TSA headquarters and field employees.  Since she took on this role, she has improved the overall effectiveness of the program – making it easier for employees to access program benefits. She has also streamlined internal processes and achieved cost efficiencies.

Amy Rester coordinates parking and transit benefits for TSA employees at headquarters and in the field. Photo by Meagan Darcus“What I do matters because I help employees get to work easily so they can focus on their jobs and our very important mission. I am committed to keeping the workforce moving – to work and home again – every day.

“For me, being able to alleviate the stress and pressure on employees is the greatest reward. It is very fulfilling to know that my hard work and dedication enables every employee to find answers to their transit questions.

“The biggest challenge I face is managing the logistics and providing transit benefits to more than 13,000 participants at over 70 TSA locations nationwide. Managing the national program and providing services to such a large customer base is very challenging, especially with limited resources. I need to stay on top of legislative changes regarding transit subsidies. And by making the program easier for employees and communicating the changes, we have increased the amount of TSA transit benefit recipients by over 20%.”

From the Office of Strategic Communications/Public Affairs

Latest revision: 17 June 2013