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Brad Hayes is an Expert Behavior Detection Officer at Indianapolis International Airport and is detailed to the Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center as the TSA Intelligence Liaison Representative. In that role for more than two years, Hayes works closely with local law enforcement agencies, DHS, FBI and intelligence analysts compiling transportation intelligence. Every day, Hayes researches and monitors intelligence assessments about existing and emerging foreign and regional terrorist groups and the threats they may pose to all modes of transportation, to produce situational awareness reports for TSA and Fusion Center leadership, and Indiana’s Homeland Security Director.

TSA Intelligence Liaison Representative Brad Hayes, at right, confers with Indiana Itelligence Fusion Center Executive Director Jeff Wardlow. Photo courtesy of TSA Indianapolis.It is no accident that Hayes was selected for this detail. He is credited with helping launch the Network Information Officer (NIO) program at four Indiana airports. The NIO program consists of Transportation Security Officers who help disseminate open-source intelligence to the screening workforce through face-to-face communication.

Before he joined TSA in 2008, Hayes worked as an Executive Protection Agent for a Fortune 500 executive and his family, providing close-quarter protection while travelling and during local events. Hayes also owned his own detective agency business and worked as a contractor for TSA during the agency’s stand-up following the tragic events of 9/11. 

“What I do as a TSA Intelligence Representative matters because as TSA moves to a more intelligence driven and risk based security model, I play a role in helping to provide current and emerging threat streams to local TSA leadership, which directly contributes to their ability to make operational adjustments.”

“The most rewarding aspect of my job is the satisfaction I receive knowing I play a role in the protection of the travelling public from an adversary whose tactics, techniques and procedures are ever changing. Additionally, TSA’s role in the Fusion Center enables us to work collaboratively with agencies in support of security related to all modes of transportation including aviation, rail, cargo, transit, maritime and pipeline. TSA’s involvement provides critical domain awareness to our partners and encourages the exchange of information and best practices. Our connection to the Fusion Center, and the relationships we have established with local, state, and federal partners, ensure the engagement of a strong security network in support of TSA’s mission.”

“One of the biggest challenges is staying ahead of the curve. Our adversaries, both foreign and domestic, are experimental and adaptive in their efforts to overcome the security measures we’ve put in place. Even after 9/11 and the dismantling of some key organizations and figures, the threat remains very real.”

From the Office of Strategic Communications/Public Affairs

Latest revision: 24 May 2013