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Linda LentiniLinda Lentini began her career with TSA in 2009 as the Stakeholder Relations Liaison for the Freight Rail Security Division. Today, she is Acting Branch Manager for the Office of Security Policy and Industry Engagement’s (OSPIE) Communications Branch. Lentini helps support stakeholder engagement by ensuring accountability and transparency between TSA and its transportation security stakeholders through the coordination of internal and external communications.

The OSPIE Communications Branch serves as the central coordination center and clearing house for all stakeholder communications. Lentini is part of the team tasked with coordinating responses to requests from the DHS Secretary, the Government Accountability Office, the Office of the Inspector General, Members of Congress, and private industry stakeholders. This includes confirming accuracy and relevancy of information, obtaining necessary clearances on high-level documents, and providing editorial review.

“What I Do Matters because OSPIE Communications plays an integral role in accounting for TSA’s actions, programs, and initiatives, and for disclosing the results of those programs and initiatives in a transparent manner. It is important that TSA’s stakeholders in the transportation security field are receiving accurate and up-to-date information.  Our relationships with these stakeholders are crucial to mission success.

“Making sure that all the information we gather from numerous sources is accurate, clear and consistent is especially challenging. It is important that we maintain extensive knowledge of established policies and procedures to make sure we are releasing information appropriately.”

From the Office of Strategic Communications and Public Affairs

Latest revision: 20 December 2013