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Taking Pride and Embracing Each New Opportunity

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TSA Julia Strangie-BrownJulia Strangie-Brown wears many hats at TSA Boston Logan International Airport. From coordinating employee resources for her colleagues to serving as a Transportation Security Officer, Honor Guard member and resident TSA Boston vocalist, Strangie-Brown takes pride in every role and embraces each new opportunity.

Born and raised just outside of Boston, Strangie-Brown joined TSA in the summer of 2010 as a TSO. Two years later, she accepted a position with the airport’s TSA Employee Support Office (ESO) where she is responsible for the maintenance of all TSA Boston employee badges, uniforms, and employee transportation programs. 

The ESO is a frequently used employee resource and Strangie-Brown has enjoyed meeting and interacting with hundreds of her colleagues. She is often one of the first people a newly hired Officer will meet and one of the last a departing employee will interact with before transitioning out of the agency.

Before joining TSA, Strangie-Brown taught math at a Boston-area middle school. When she had the opportunity to join TSA, she jumped at the chance. Strangie-Brown is especially appreciative of being invited to join the Honor Guard, a ceremonial unit of Officers, in August 2011. Her fellow Honor Guard members noticed her incredible singing abilities, and soon after that, Strangie-Brown was singing the National Anthem, God Bless America, and Amazing Grace at dozens of airport events.

Most recently, Strangie-Brown experienced the biggest performance of her life–singing the Star Spangled Banner before a hometown crowd at Fenway Park.

What I do matters in the ESO because my work in that role is all about connecting my colleagues to the numerous resources available to TSA employees. I take a lot of pride in advising employees on the best way to handle the little things like uniform ordering and the parking garage so that they can get out and do the truly important work of protecting the travelling public. I especially enjoy contributing to the image of the ESO as a positive, welcoming, and helpful resource center for all employees.  

What I find challenging is juggling my work in the ESO and my time at the checkpoint. Every week I work one day at the checkpoint and must maintain my screening certifications to continue to serve on the front lines, which is very important to me.

What I find most rewarding about my work at TSA is the opportunity is to set a positive example on several levels. My work on the checkpoint enables me to do my part to ensure the security of the traveling public. My time in the ESO is all about helping my colleagues navigate the small stuff so they can maintain focus on the mission, and those opportunities to represent TSA at public events as part of the Honor Guard and as a vocalist gives me an immense sense of pride.

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