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Paul Antico joined TSA in 2002 as Lead Transportation Security Officer at Boston Logan International Airport, and has been a Program Analyst since 2007. He is responsible for all TSA technology programs in Massachusetts, with a particular focus on checked baggage.

Paul AnticoAntico’s career with TSA has also provided many opportunities to follow his true passion – video production. With his unique visual communication style, Antico inspires the workforce through his stories. Most recently, Antico produced "The Light of Terminal 3", a memorial film for fallen LAX TSO Gerardo Hernandez. He has also produced videos about TSA’s work with children on the autism spectrum, the TSA Surge Capacity Force, the Boston Marathon Bombing, among others.

“What I do matters because I am able to communicate stories in an emotional, cinematic way. At TSA, the stories I tell are about what and why we do what we do. We have compelling stories to share that are full of grand, yet often amorphous concepts, such as love and loss, patriotism and heroism, altruism and dedication. My films help distill those emotions onto the screen where they can be shared and felt by employees, and those we protect – to better communicate the kind of dedicated public servants that we are.”

“What I find most rewarding about my work is the belief that my films help to build a positive perception of TSA, both for the traveling public and our employees. What we do is critical to the security of the United States. I have always felt that the TSA story needs to be shown in a way that people can remember, and should come from the heart. What every single one of us at TSA does matters. That’s what the films I make at TSA are about: educating, training, and especially, humanizing our agency.”

“My work challenges me in many ways. Perhaps the biggest challenge is simply finding the right story, at the right visual moment that helps best illustrate who we are and what we do for the country. Overcoming this and other challenges pays huge dividends in the end. When we communicate more effectively, we become more knowledgeable security professionals – and that benefits all passengers.”

From the Office of Strategic Communications/Public Affairs

Latest revision: 17 January 2014