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Texas Inspector Saves a Child’s Life

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TSI Marcia ByrdMarcia Byrd, a Transportation Security Inspector (TSI) at Dallas Love Field International Airport, utilized her CPR training to help save a choking toddler.

While conducting inspections at Wichita Falls Municipal Airport (SPS), Byrd decided to grab a quick bite to eat for lunch with colleagues, TSI Lily Fan and TSI Dave Behrens. Suddenly and without warning, Byrd left her seat at the table and rushed to the aid of a toddler who was nearby. Behrens and Fan didn’t know what was happening until someone yelled, “he is choking.”

Byrd left her seat to assist Wrayden, a one-year-old child. Byrd quickly unbuckled him from his high chair and immediately administered first aid. With Byrd’s quick thinking and excellent training, the object was dislodged from the child’s airway and he began to breathe on his own.

TSI Byrd credits training she received as a Licensed Vocational Nurse for her ability to react quickly and recognize the signs of a choking child.

After a brief moment of silence from the stunned crowd, the entire restaurant broke out in spontaneous applause. Wrayden’s mother was extremely grateful and thanked Byrd.

Fan and Behrens were amazed by Byrd’s quick actions and calm demeanor. When Byrd returned to the table, she said, “Everyone should be trained in CPR because you never know when it may save a life.”

“TSI Byrd embodies all of the TSA Core Values, specifically in showing her respect and care for others and her courage during a crisis, makes her a true hero,” said FSD Amy Williams.

David Behrens, TSI-Aviation, Dallas Love Field International Airport

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