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A TSA Manager in Texas Plays a Critical Role in Saving the Life of a Passenger

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Transportation Security Manager Robert Collins (on the right) talks to Reynaldo Mendoza, Jr. , a  colleague at Midland International Airport.In western Texas a Manager’s quick thinking and actions saved the life of a passenger who had stopped breathing.

Midland International Airport Transportation Security Manager Robert Collins was conducting operations at the checkpoint when he was informed by Transportation Security Officer Tom Murray that a passenger had passed out and collapsed on the lobby floor. Collins looked over the edge of the checkpoint railing and saw the passenger lying face down in the center doorway and bleeding from his head. Collins and Law Enforcement Officer Jason Wilson rushed to the distressed passenger and called EMS services.

Collins and Wilson could not find a pulse on the passenger’s wrist or carotid artery. They rolled the unresponsive passenger onto his back just as Midland Police Officer Chris Earp arrived on scene and advised Wilson to begin compressions.

Meanwhile, Collins prepared and delivered a shock using an AED located in the lobby. EMS arrived and Collins provided a full report to the responding EMT on the man’s status and actions taken before the Midland Fire Department and other emergency personnel took over.

Collins also assisted the victim’s wife and referred her to law enforcement. The Midland team later learned that the victim’s wife and daughter were by his side in the ICU and that he was expected to make a full recovery.

“A person is still here today because of the quick thinking and timely actions of TSM Collins,” said AFSD Ignacio Luna. “We are fortunate to have this caliber of employee amongst our ranks.”

Latest revision: 18 March 2013