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The Military Severely Injured Joint Support Operations Center or MSIJSOC The Military Severely Injured Joint Support Operations Center: The Military Severely Injured Joint Support Operations Center or MSIJSOC, as it is commonly referred to, is a lot to say in one breath no matter how you pronounce it -- and for good reason.....» Read more
Eddie Palacios Chicago Supervisor Hailed a ‘Hero’ for Daring Rescue on Train Tracks: Like he does every day, Eddie Palacios was waiting for a commuter train to Chicago O’Hare International Airport when something out of the ordinary happened.....» Read more
Elisabeth Smeda Advancing International Cooperation Through Global Strategies: Elisabeth Smeda currently serves as the Team Lead Desk Officer for the Western Hemisphere desk, in the Office of Global Strategies International Operations Directorate....» Read more
Christian Esteves Ensuring Effective Collaboration With Industry Stakeholders: Christian Esteves joined TSA in 2002 as a screener and today is a Transportation Security Specialist with the Office of Security Operations. As a Regional Compliance Coordinator....» Read more
Michael Frech Bridging the Gap from Training to Operations: Michael Frech is a Transportation Security Explosives-Specialist (TSS-E) at Denver International Airport. Working as a TSS-E, Frech uses his 26 years of experience in the explosive, security and training fields to support screening operations and TSO training....» Read more
Tom Varner Conducting compliance inspections and investigations: Tom Varner is a Transportation Security Inspector at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) where he conducts compliance inspections and investigations on regulated entities....» Read more
Yessenia Garcia Orlando Officer Aides Police in Locating Bomb Threat Suspect: STSO Yessenia Garcia was headed to the TSA Coordination Center at Orlando International Airport when she observed a female passenger visibly upset and yelling into a pay phone ....» Read more
Diane DiCarlo Encouraging Success Through Collaboration: Diane DiCarlo joined TSA in 2005 as a Management Analyst for the North Central Region. In 2006, she transitioned to human resources....» Read more
Derrick Ford Supporting TSA’s Security Mission With Legal Counsel: Derrick Ford joined TSA in 2002 as a Supervisory Attorney with the Office of Chief Counsel at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)....» Read more
David Burnetter Chicago Officer Helps Save Family from Fire: An Illinois Transportation Security Officer (TSO) acted swiftly to save a family from their burning home....» Read more
Ray Stevens Supporting Employees and Communities: Ray Stevens is the Administrative Officer at New York’s Albany International Airport where he coordinates the mission support needs of four airports in upstate New York....» Read more
Cathy Troxler Assisting Passengers with Disabilities: Cathy Troxler is a Program Specialist with the Disability Branch, Disability and Multicultural Division, Office of Civil Rights & Liberties, Ombudsman, and Travel Engagement (OCRL/OTE)....» Read more
Thomas Feltrin

Balancing Agency Priorities with Audit Demands: Before joining TSA, Thomas Feltrin worked in private sector management. Although it was challenging, he was determined to help people in a more meaningful way....» Read more

Reed Monks

Officer’s Heroic Efforts Help Save a Passenger’s Life: Earlier this month, an Officer in Tennessee put his experience to work and saved the life of a passenger in distress....» Read more

Paul Antico

Telling the TSA Story One Frame at a Time: Paul Antico joined TSA in 2002 as Lead Transportation Security Officer at Boston Logan International Airport, and has been a Program Analyst since 2007....» Read more

Joe Paradis Providing the National Shift Brief to the Frontline: Joe Paradis is a Program Analyst with OSO Communications. In that capacity, he serves as the writer and editor of the National Shift Brief....» Read more
Imelda Pysqyli and K9 Cymro

Securing Transportation Through Paws-itive Passenger Engagement: Imelda Pysqyli began her career in homeland security six years ago. While earning her college degree, she worked as a part-time TSO...» Read more

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