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From TSO to TSA’s ‘Blogger-in-Chief’

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TSA’s public blog, known as The TSA Blog, is managed by Bob Burns. Most people know him as “Blogger Bob.” And yes, he is a real person. He started as a TSO but now works as a Social Media Analyst with the external communications team in the Office of Strategic Communications/Public Affairs.

Blogger BobSince The TSA Blog launched in 2008, Burns has written more than 500 blog posts and fielded about 74,000 comments. The blog has received more than 10 million views and just over 16,000 people subscribe to the blog’s electronic feed.

His ongoing efforts include operating Instagram, TSA’s latest entry into social media, and popular Twitter feed, dubbed “@TSABlogTeam.” Burns also manages TSA’s six regional Twitter feeds, all of which are listed on the social media section of TSA’s public site.

“What I do matters because I regularly blog about the great work our Officers are doing in the field and highlight their good catches at checkpoints and checked baggage areas. That not only shows the traveling public that we’re doing our job well, but it acts as a deterrent for those who want to get things past security. I also regularly blog about new initiatives, including TSA Pre✓™, Risk Based Security, travel tips, and the prohibited items our Officers find at airports. These all have their own way of supporting TSA’s counterterrorism efforts. If I can help passengers better understand how to travel, it frees up the Officers and allows them to focus more on their mission.

It is extremely rewarding when I see in the news media an accurate or ‘good news’ story that was a direct result of something that was posted on the blog. Hundreds of people from the media follow the TSA’s public blog and Twitter feeds and that helps amplify TSA’s message when they share with their readers what the reporters learn from TSA. I love being able to clarify things. Whether it’s explaining procedures, debunking myths, or sharing good catches, I work hard to help the traveling public better understand our policies and procedures as well as the great work our Officers are doing in the field.

The audience for TSA’s public blog is a large and diverse audience. The challenging part is realizing that no matter what we say on The TSA Blog, we are never going to have everyone agree with us. That’s OK, so long as I can explain the whys behind what we do and get people to understand them.”

From the Office of Strategic Communications/Public Affairs

Latest revision: 12 July 2013