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Using Intel to Explain the ‘Whys’ Behind What We Do

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 James Brown posts a flyerJames Brown is an Intelligence Operations Specialist with TSA’s Office of Intelligence & Analysis. One of his many responsibilities is to manage the agency’s unclassified intelligence intranet site for employees.

As TSA continues to evolve into an intelligence-driven, risk-based counterterrorism agency, Brown’s job is critical. Employees can find fresh stories, informative and in-depth reports, and special products about everything intel-related on the internal one-stop source about threats to transportation.

Brown joined TSA in 2011, after a 20-year career with the Navy where he worked primarily as an intelligence operations specialist. He holds both a Bachelors of Science in Intelligence Studies and a post-graduate Certificate in Intelligence Studies from the National Defense Intelligence College.

In addition to managing the unclassified intel site, Brown provides open-source research support to the agency’s intelligence analysts by providing them situational awareness materials and operational updates about terrorism. He also coordinates the sharing of TSA intelligence with partners across the federal government and works to establish new partnerships and information-sharing agreements.

“What I do matters because I work with local community groups, transportation stakeholders, members of the Intelligence Community, and related businesses to share TSA’s mission and products. My 20 years of military experience in a number of positions helped me sharpen my hands-on knowledge, skills and abilities to support our employees and TSA’s mission to protect passengers and the American people.

“Two of the more challenging aspects of my job are ensuring our workforce understands the ‘whys’ behind changes in our threat posture through the quick sharing of timely information and making sure that our folks in the field have the most up-to-date information.

“The most rewarding aspect of my work is knowing that I played a key role in developing an important information-sharing tool that can help with field operations and also potentially save lives. Every day, I work hard to make sure our unclassified intranet site is user-friendly and relevant for employees across TSA. One of the site’s key functionalities allows employees to read the latest news and reports by region and transportation mode. The site helps explain some of the ‘whys’ behind our global operations, and we hope it continues to enhance collaboration between our department and all TSA employees.”

From the Office of Strategic Communications/Public Affairs

Latest revision: 09 August 2013