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What I Do Matters: Tom Varner

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Tom VarnerTom Varner is a Transportation Security Inspector at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) where he conducts compliance inspections and investigations on regulated entities that operate in the DFW Area of Responsibility.

Varner joined TSA in 2002 during the initial roll out of the agency. In his first role, he served as a Supervisor of the Screener Workforce Action Team where he was trained in Oklahoma City and shadowed FAA Special Agents. He helped start up screening operations at Baltimore International and Tampa International airports and eventually took a permanent position as a Screening Manager at Des Moines International Airport before transferring two months later to Sioux Falls Regional Airport in the same position. In early 2004, Varner was selected as one of the airport’s first Transportation Security Inspectors.

In the summer of 2011, Varner accepted a position as a Transportation Security Specialist and moved his family to Singapore, where he provided guidance to Aviation Industry partners in the Asia-Pacific and Eastern Russia Region. In November of 2013, he moved back to the United States to be a TSI at DFW.

“What I Do Matters because each of us has a responsibility to uphold the safety and security of our nation’s transportation systems. Behind me in my office cubical I have my reminder of why everyone’s job at TSA really does matter. I have acquired several newspapers over the past decade that recalls the damaging effects of 9/11. These artifacts remain on my wall as a pure and simple living reminder of why my job is meaningful and how even one single vulnerability that I might discover during the course of an inspection can save thousands of lives from the devastation that was endured 12 years ago.

“What I find most rewarding about my work is the opportunity to work side by side with security professionals. I enjoyed my time working for TSA while living in Singapore and conducting assessments in Asia and Eastern Russia – an experience which brought me closer to our international industry partners. My time overseas with TSA taught me our international friends also share in our grief and the immense loss we experienced on 9/11.

I am most proud of the people that I have worked with over the years. I’m very thankful for the incredible opportunities I have experienced and for my wonderful family, who have been by my side every step of the way in my journey to support the TSA mission and protect the American people.”

From the Office of Strategic Communications/Public Affairs

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