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About TSA

Aviation Security

  • Responsible for 450 federalized airports, passengers and flights
  • 48,000 Transportation Security Officers who keep people safe
  • More than 700 Aviation Transportation Security Inspectors ensuring regulatory compliance in the Aviation domain
  • More than 50 percent of TSOs have five years or more experience as counterterrorism professionals
  • Nearly 25 percent of TSA employees are veterans and still proudly serving
  • Protect 1.8 million passengers per day
  • Keep 640 million passengers safe every year
  • Screen 1.2 million checked bags for explosives and other dangerous items every day
  • Screen 3 million carry-on bags for explosives and other dangerous items every day
  • Screen nearly 1.5 billion checked and carry-on bags per year
  • Responsible for the security of 25,000 domestic flights per day
  • Responsible for the security of 2,500 outbound international flights per day

Checkpoint Security Screening and Risk-Based Security

  • TSA Pre✓™ operating at 35 airports by the end of 2012
  • Risk-based security efforts have processed 44 million passengers to-date
    • Approximately 30 million ages 12 and younger
    • Nearly 10 million ages 75 and older
    • More than 100,000 active duty members of  the military
    • 2.3 million pilots and crew through Known Crew Member initiative
    • 5 million (Christmas week 2012) TSA Pre✓™ passengers
  • 835 Advanced Imaging Technology machines at more than 202 airports
  • Detect more than 1,300 firearms annually at airport checkpoints, averaging approximately 4 firearms detected daily
  • Less than 3 percent of passenger screenings result in pat-downs
  • More than 2,260  Improvised Explosive Device drills are conducted every day at airport checkpoints

Inbound International Aviation

  • Inspect 283 Last Point of Departure (LPD) airports (those with direct flights into the United States)
  • There are 110 countries with at least one LPD airport
  • 726 foreign repair stations
  • 3.6 billion pounds of cargo shipped into the United States last year
  • 83 million passengers inbound to the United States last year
  • 32 NCSP-recognized countries (National Cargo Screening Program)
    • 52 percent of inbound cargo from NCSP-recognized countries

Multi-modal Security Efforts

  • The United States transportation network connects cities, manufacturers, and retailers through;
    • 4 million miles of roadways
    • more than 140,000 miles of active rail
    • 600,000 bridges and tunnels
    • more than 350 maritime ports
    • hundreds of thousands of pipeline, and
    • nearly 30 million trips using mass transit and passenger rail
  • More than 300 Surface Transportation Security Inspectors ensuring  regulatory compliance in the Cargo Supply Chain
  • 475 Cargo Transportation Security Inspectors ensuring regulatory compliance in the Cargo Supply Chain
  • More than 70,000 Compliance Inspections are conducted annually across all modes in support of risk-based security

Office of Law Enforcement

  • Federal Air Marshals Service
    • FAMS fly millions of miles each year supporting aviation security
  • Breeding and Training of National Explosives Detection Canine Teams
  • Federal Flight Deck Officer program
    • FFDOs participate voluntarily, their dedication to security is commendable and greatly appreciated
  • Crew Member Self Defense training

Canine Activities

  • More than 770 explosives detection canine teams throughout  Aviation, Surface and Maritime transportation, including 70 Passenger Screening Canine teams
  • More than 100,000 hours of  canine explosives detection screening of more than 653 million pounds of aviation cargo screened; 260,000 hours of traditional canine screening  throughout Aviation, Surface and Maritime; and more than 5,600 hours of  explosives detection screening of passengers by canine teams
  • Critical explosives detection screening at major special events held in the United States (e.g. Super Bowl, Democratic and Republican National Conventions, and NATO summit)
Latest revision: 11 January 2013