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How to Make the Best Use of This Guide

Career Toolbox

The steps are represented as a circle because you will visit each step multiple times during the course of your career. The amount of attention that you need to pay to each step at a given time will depend on your unique circumstances. If you want to spend more time exploring a step, click on the links provided for more detailed information. For example, in Step 2, Researching Career Options, you would click the Career Path Information to learn more about the major functions required for the seven occupations that are currently listed.

Following the steps will help you set meaningful career goals, prepare for a career conversation with your supervisor and keep on track to reach your career aspirations. Creating a TSA Career Plan (doc, 151Kb) is a very important part of the process. It is a tool for describing the developmental activities that you want to pursue that aren't already a part of your approved Online Learning Center (OLC) Development Plan.

This guide is designed as an online "living document." All changes to this guide will be featured on the Career Toolbox Website that is accessed through a link on the OLC Splash Page or from a link in the "Employee Services" section of the TSA Intranet.

TSA career planning tools and services will continue to expand as the Office of Human Capital (OHC) staff learn more about employees' career planning needs. Your comments are welcome. Email us at Click on Step 1: Understanding Your Interests, Skills and Values or return to the TSA Career Planning Guide Table of Contents.

Latest revision: 27 December 2012