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Management Analyst

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Duties and Responsibilities:  Serves as a Management Analyst with responsibility for supporting the DFSD by keeping him informed of decisions on the daily operational direction for Federal security at airports.  Provides operating direction on analysis of productivity, effectiveness of strategy, and specific approaches used in implementing the airport security program.  Identifies  issues to be examined through evaluation of effectiveness.  Develops strategic plans guiding the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of line program and operations of the airport security.  Provides guidance and technical advisory on the conduct of evaluation studies of tactical planning, execution, and operating management to improve the coordination of security services and other duties prescribed for the Under Secretary of Transportation for Security.  Develops reports and formulates recommendations based on findings to serve as the basis for new administrative systems, processes, policies and guidelines, and/or regulations.  Examines findings that indicate weakness in deterring security risks, improving administrative procedure or security processes/procedures, and compliance with current regulations.  Interprets new or amended regulations, policy modifications, and guidelines affecting airport security to determine best methodology for evaluation and effective service technology to best inform executive and management decisions.  Devises or selects new or modified methodology to examine variables, raw data, and procedural or process information as well as factors defining effectiveness of the security program.  Advises the DFSD and senior staff on organizational structure, work methods, and procedures based on finding of program and process evaluation.  Coordinates work with other departments or divisions and specializations to ensure comprehensive evaluations are conducted and completed within suitable time frames to provide timely and complete advice and data to management.

Key Skills:

  • Knowledge of evaluation methodology, including metrics, fact-finding, and investigative techniques, to conduct studies and quantitative/qualitative analyses of organizational of organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.
  • Skill in communicating orally to present findings, interpretation of data, and to justify recommendations of evaluations or inspections.
  • Skill in written communication to develop reports of evaluation findings; interpretation of qualitative and quantitative data; and to present recommendations.
  • Ability to apply analytical methods and techniques to issues or studies concerning  the efficiency and effectiveness of internal and administrative operations, organizations and management.
Latest revision: 14 January 2013