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You may be surprised to learn that TSA does more than airport security. Our components range from law enforcement to information technology, engineering research to threat assessments, and much more.

The headquarters organizations listed below are currently hiring Career Evolution Program participants. Read about the type of work each organization does and the positions they are looking to fill.

Office of Acquisition

The Office of Acquisition provides mission-focused acquisition and contract services to support TSA. The Office of Acquisition primarily functions as the business advisor and consultant for the planning, award and management of TSA's acquisition program. The Office of Acquisition partners with program offices to provide TSA with critical services and technology through contracts and other business agreements. The Office of Acquisition builds sound business judgment into mission solutions, and ensures the wise stewardship of taxpayer dollars while securing public trust.

Currently Hiring:

  • Contract Specialist

Office of Chief Counsel

The Office of Chief Counsel is responsible for delivery of legal services to all TSA mission areas, components, and staff, covering all substantive legal areas applicable to the Agency, including comprehensive services in legal and policy development, assistance in implementation of TSA authority, responsibility and advice, representation and advocacy, to decision making. The Office of the Chief Counsel is comprised of attorneys and staff at the TSA headquarters and field locations.

Major responsibilities of the Office of Chief Counsel include:

  • Serves as Chief Legal Advisor to the Deputy Assistant Secretary/Administrator, TSA;
  • Serves as Deputy Ethics Officer for TSA;
  • Ensures that TSA activities fully comply with all legal requirements and coordinates with other DHS legal components on all legal matters affecting the DHS mission;
  • Assists in negotiating and drafting international agreements for technical assistance and cooperation;
  • Ensures that the TSA’s efforts to secure the Nation’s transportation systems are consistent with the civil rights and liberties of all citizens;
  • Reviews proposed legislation and drafts TSA regulations;
  • Represents TSA in all administrative proceedings and coordinates with the Department of Justice in civil and criminal proceedings;
  • Adjudicates civil penalties and represents TSA in civil penalty actions against regulated entities and individuals who violate security requirements; and
  • Provides legal support to TSA Emergency Operations and crisis management; outlines, defines and interprets regulatory and statutory authorities belonging to the Administrator, TSA as they related to the 6 transportation modes for which TSA has security responsibilities.

Major projects or issues that involve the Office of Chief Counsel includes:

  • Development of regulations for Secure Flight, rail security, large aircraft and air cargo;
  • Completion of Memorandum of Understanding with MSPB regarding whistleblower rights for Transportation Security Officers (TSOs);
  • Legal guidance for Security Evolution Initiative including new technology and passenger identification issues; and
  • Legal guidance for the Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response program.

Currently Hiring:

  • Program Analyst/Management Analyst

Office of Finance and Administration

Under the direction of the Assistant Administrator for Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer (OFA/CFO), the Office is responsible for financial, budgetary, and administrative activities that support the program responsibilities of the TSA. The Office of the OFA/CFO:

  • Serves as the principal advisor to the Assistant Secretary and other TSA and DHS officials on matters relating to TSA’s financial resources;
  • Oversees the financial integrity, formulation, execution, and analysis of TSA’s annual budget;
  • Serves as the principal liaison to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the congressional appropriations committees on all matters related to TSA’s budget;
  • Maintains an integrated agency-wide financial accounting system; Coordinates implementation of the President’s Management Agenda (PMA); and
  • Develops and implements, through the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), a broad range of administrative services policies and functions in support of TSA’s mission.

Currently Hiring:

  • Financial Specialist

Office of Global Strategies

The Office of Global Strategies (OGS) mission is to increase security by working proactively with foreign government and industry partners regarding overseas transportation operations affecting the U.S. OGS provides expertise for developing, coordinating, and communicating organizational policies, procedures and guidelines for TSA’s global partners in relation to transportation security. The office represents TSA in a variety of international and domestic settings including with major transnational aviation-related organizations, regional bodies dealing with transportation security, and various domestic constituency groups such as the State Department and several Congressional committees, when international transportation security policy matters are concerned. OGS provides consistent messages to bilateral, regional and international groups, building partnerships to ensure that transportation security best practices are advanced globally. OGS improves transportation security across all modes of transportation by creating a strong, collaborative worldwide network that serves to protect the traveling public from global terrorism and reduces the potential for disruption of the flow of commerce.

OGS activities include:

  • On-site liaison activity and representation
  • Non-stop assessment activity to verify security measures of U.S. and foreign air carriers at more than 260 foreign airports worldwide
  • Active leadership at regional and international forums that reflect the world’s collective transportation security and policy expertise
  • Development and support of programs that enhance and streamline international transportation security measures
  • Reviewing and strengthening verifiable auditing mechanisms, such as the Foreign Airports Assessment Program, the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Universal Security Audit Program, the European Commission Audit Program, and the European Civil Aviation Conference security audit program. Baseline security standards exist in ICAO Annex 17, the Aircraft Operator Standard Security Program, the Model Security Program, Security Directives and Emergency Amendments and international auditing mechanisms. ICAO is a United Nations organization that sets international standards for the safety, regularity and efficiency of international civil aviation.
  • Examining ways to harmonize U.S. security requirements with those of other international counterparts as exemplified by international efforts in the aftermath recent UK liquids explosives plot.

Currently Hiring:

  • Program Analyst/Management Analyst

Office of Human Capital

The Office of Human Capital (OHC) provides human capital strategies and services to build, develop, and sustain a high-performing, diverse TSA workforce to protect the nation’s transportation systems. OHC develops and manages best practice, result-oriented programs that ensure TSA’s human capital strategy and services support TSA’s mission, goals and objectives as well as achieving alignment with DHS human capital goals. In order to accomplish these alignments, OHC is divided into eleven divisions including: Policy, Management Services & Consultation, Hiring & Personnel, Deputy Chief Learning Office, Employee Relations, Executive Resources, Collaborative Strategy, Peer Review, Analysis & Metrics, Business Management, and Information Systems. All of these divisions work together to effectively manage and execute human capital functions.

Currently Hiring:

  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Program Specialist

Office of Law Enforcement/Federal Air Marshal Service

The mission of the TSA Office of Law Enforcement/ Federal Air Marshal Service (OLE/FAMS) is to promote public confidence in the security of our nation’s transportation domain. To achieve this mission, OLE-FAMS deploys Federal Air Marshals on U.S. aircraft world-wide; conducts protection, response, detection, and assessment activities in airports and other transportation systems; maintains TSA’s state of preparedness and coordinates incident management; trains and manages all armed pilots; and coordinates all TSA canine assets.

Currently Hiring:

  • Program Analyst/Management Analyst

Office of Security Operations

The Office of Security Operations (OSO) is the operational arm of the TSA and employs the largest TSA workforce. OSO is responsible for airport checkpoint and baggage screening operations as well as other special programs designed to secure all assigned transportation modes. It is a field-centric, intelligence-driven organization that empowers decision-makers at every level of the organization. Its Transportation Security Officers, Security Inspectors, Behavior Detection Officers, Bomb Appraisal Officers are the public face of TSA, and they protect the traveling public from threats to the nation’s transportation infrastructure. OSO has identified the following mission priorities for 2009: achieve excellence in security results; professionalize the OSO workforce; re-invigorate the field support structure; institutionalize cross flow of support concept and structure; and develop a sustainable OSO workplace model.

Currently Hiring:

  • Program Analyst/Management Analyst

Office of the Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides centralized management, leadership, outreach and security of TSA's information technology (IT) needs. OIT is committed to using best practices, streamlining business processes, improving performance and striving for excellence in support of TSA’s mission. TSA's IT mission is to ensure the security and productivity of TSA and its employees through information technology. TSA's IT vision is to provide secure information anytime and anywhere.

Currently Hiring:

  • IT Specialist

Office of the Special Counselor

The Office of the Special Counselor is dedicated to delivering quality information to TSA’s internal and external stakeholders, and ensures that employees and the traveling public are treated in a fair and lawful manner, consistent with federal laws and regulations governing privacy, information sharing, redress, civil rights and civil liberties.

Currently Hiring:

  • Program Analyst/Management Analyst

Strategic Communications & Public Affairs

The Office of Strategic Communications and Public Affairs consists of public affairs professionals responsible for research, media relations, public liaison, speechwriting, graphic arts, agency-wide employee communications and all Web communication initiatives including the Evolution of Security blog. Audiences include employees, the public, the media, Congress, stakeholders and foreign partners.

Public Affairs aims to increase public understanding and ready the public for navigating security. Public Affairs highlights risk-based, layered approaches to transportation security with a focus on people, process and technology. Public Affairs values delivering communications in a timely, accurate and transparent manner.

Currently Hiring:

  • Technical Writer/Editor

Office of Inspection

The TSA’s Office of Inspection (OI) ensures the security and integrity of the agency’s operations and administration through proactive compliance inspections; efficiency and effectiveness reviews; impartial and comprehensive special investigations; and a rigorous and robust covert testing program. The OI ensures the integrity and effectiveness of TSA’s employees and programs. The Office has criminal investigators, transportation security specialists, analysts, and support personnel located in TSA headquarters, five field offices, and 14 airport locations.

Currently Hiring:

  • Program Analyst/Management Analyst

Transportation Sector Network Management

The Office of the Transportation Sector Network Management (TSNM) is dedicated to leading the unified national effort to protect and secure our nation’s intermodal transportation systems. TSNM ensures the safe movement of passengers and promotes the free flow of commerce by building a resilient, robust, and sustainable network with our public and private sector partners. To support this mission, TSNM provides services and functions through a Business Management Office (BMO) and nine General Managers, who are responsible for the security of their assigned transportation mode (e.g., highway, freight rail, pipeline, mass transit, port and intermodal, general aviation, commercial aviation (airports and airlines), air cargo, and transportation sector network integration (TSNI)). TSNM engages stakeholders to develop effective, operational security across aviation and surface modes of transportation. TSNM’s focus is to identify high risk areas by mode, develop security standards, assess operator vulnerabilities, develop plans to close vulnerabilities, and use metrics to drive risk reduction in a measurable way. TSNM develops operationally effective risk-reducing policies and actions (e.g. regulations, security directives, guidance, agreements, improvement plans); directs Transportation Security Grant Policies for transit, rail, highway, motorcoach, and/or Amtrak; coordinates security plans; and conducts regulatory economic evaluations.

Currently Hiring:

  • Transportation Security Specialist

Transportation Threat Assessment and Credentialing

The Transportation Threat Assessment and Credentialing organization serves as the lead for all security threat assessments and credentialing initiatives for transportation industry workers, individuals seeking access to critical infrastructure, and domestic passengers. In support of its mission, TTAC:

  • Offers enrollment and credentialing services that provide physical or virtual credentials used by an individual to gain unescorted access to special, sterile and/or secure areas after successfully completing a security threat assessment;
  • Performs daily checks of more than 8.5 million individuals against the consolidated federal watch list;
  • Engages a wide range of transportation stakeholders requiring security credentials to address current and emerging threats to the transportation industry; and
  • Performs end-to-end program management for aviation, maritime, and surface programs with core capabilities in enrollment services, vetting operations, adjudication and credential management.

TTAC also operates Secure Flight, a passenger pre-screening system under development for domestic and international aviation passengers that will ensure that known or suspected terrorists do not board commercial flights. TTAC is currently standardizing operational capabilities and costs as the Department of Homeland Security’s service provider for individual threat assessments.

Currently Hiring:

  • Program Analyst/Management Analyst

Latest revision: 18 January 2013