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A Career Development Tool for Transportation Security Officers

TSA is committed to providing tools and resources to support employee career development. Therefore, SOAR was developed to help the workforce identify potential advancement opportunities within the Department of Homeland Security. Each of the following links provides a list of positions with a brief overview of the required qualifications and responsibilities, followed by supplemental resources.

Step 1: Review positions that interest you using the SOAR website; click on a DHS component below to see a list of positions. Be sure to check the agency's website for the most up to date information.

Step 2: Utilize the TSA Career Toolbox (available via the TSA intranet and the external TSA website) to begin your development for this new position.

Step 3: Visit USAJOBS frequently to search for a vacancy announcement for you position that interests you.

Step 4: Contact the TSA Career Coaching Service if you wish for additional help developing competencies, preparing federal applications, and pr acting your interviewing skills.

Latest revision: 17 January 2013