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Transportation Security Officer (TSO)

Security Careers

Duties and Responsibilities:  Implements security-screening procedures that are central to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) objectives and that will serve to protect the traveling public by preventing any deadly or dangerous objects from being transported onto an aircraft.  Assists in conducting screening of passengers, baggage and cargo. May be required to conduct screening at any airport that provides commercial services to the public.  Assists in monitoring the flow of passengers through the screening checkpoint to facilitate the orderly and efficient processing of passengers. Maintains close communication with supervisors regarding any issues that might reveal a weakness or vulnerable area of security screening that is discovered in the course of screening duties. Participates in information briefings concerning security-sensitive or classified information.

Key Skills

  • Ability to learn the theories, dynamics, and factors underlying the aviation screening process to enable authoritative and independent handling of screening functions.
  • Ability to learn to operate basic security equipment such as X-ray machines and hand wands at screening checkpoints
  • Ability to work with persons of diverse backgrounds
  • Ability to communicate non-technical information effectively to others
Latest revision: 17 January 2013