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TSA Statement on Aviation Security Measures


"The United States continues to take steps to ensure that we remain vigilant. While there is no information related to any specific or imminent threat, TSA is carefully monitoring information related to terrorist tactics and working with our international partners to share information and security best practices. The possible tactics terrorists might use include the concealment of explosives inside insulated beverage containers, so in the coming days, passengers flying within and to the U.S. may notice additional security measures related to insulated beverage containers.

TSA Statement on Flight Attendant Screening


TSA Statement from Administrator John S. Pistole

"The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recognizes the vital role flight attendants play in aviation security and as such, TSA Administrator John S. Pistole remains committed to exploring ways to expedite security screening for flight attendants by verifying their identity and employment at the checkpoint at airports nationwide, modeled after a successful test program for airline pilots that is currently operational at three airports.

DHS Achieves Major Aviation Security Milestone One Month Ahead of Schedule

Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano today announced that 100 percent of passengers on flights within or bound for the United States are now being checked against government watchlists - fulfilling a key 9/11 Commission recommendation a month ahead of schedule. The TSA reached 100 percent watch list matching for all domestic airlines on June 22.

TSA Administrator John Pistole Issues Holiday Travel Message to the Public

Press Release

WASHINGTON – Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Administrator John S. Pistole today issued a message to the public with tips for air travel this holiday season. The message is posted on TSA's website at and also appears on TSA's YouTube page. The message is also being made available to airports nationwide to play during the busy holiday travel period to ensure passengers are prepared when coming through security checkpoints.

TSA Administrator John Pistole Issues Public Service Announcement

Press Release

WASHINGTON - Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Administrator John S. Pistole today issued a public service announcement to thank the traveling public for their continued support and partnership and address new implemented procedures.

TSA Statement from Administrator John S. Pistole


"We welcome feedback and comments on the screening procedures from the traveling public, and we will work to make them as minimally invasive as possible while still providing the security that the American people want and deserve.

TSA Announces New Alternate Security Screening for Pilots

Press Release

WASHINGTON - Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Administrator John S. Pistole announced today that the agency is taking additional steps to streamline security screening for U.S. air carrier pilots. Pistole directed TSA to review existing protocols for pilots after he was appointed to lead the agency this summer.

TSA Administrator Visits Yemen, Meets with International Security Officials in Germany

Press Release

TSA Also Signs International Aviation Security Agreement with Germany

Washington - Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Administrator John S. Pistole today visited Yemen to meet with government officials including Deputy Prime Minister Rashad al-Alimi, officials from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Interior as well as the U.S. Ambassador.

Remarks as Prepared by TSA Administrator John Pistole to AVSEC World 2010



Good morning!

Thank you Guenther for that very kind introduction.

I also want to thank IATA, in particular Director General Bisignani and Lufthansa for sponsoring this conference in this beautiful and historic city, and for giving me the opportunity to talk about my vision for United States aviation security as we move forward in an era of worldwide engagement to make our skies safe and protect our freedoms.