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Electronic Baggage Screening Program

The Electronic Baggage Screening Program was established by congressional mandate for screening of all passenger checked baggage for concealed explosives. The program achieves this mission by managing the full life cycle of acquisition activities including requirements identification, testing, procurement, deployment and sustainment of screening equipment.

Planning Guidelines and Design Standards

TSA assists planners and designers in developing cost-effective solutions for checked baggage inspection systems. The design principles and methods incorporate insights and experiences of industry stakeholders, including airport and airline representatives, planners, architects, baggage handling system designers and equipment manufacturers.

Funding Policy

Congress authorizes TSA to make grants to airports to help strengthen the nation’s critical infrastructure against risks associated with potential terrorist attacks. TSA utilizes letters of intent and other transaction agreements as funding instruments to reimburse airport sponsors for eligible aviation security projects. TSA distributes funds to airports to assist in infrastructure improvements to enhance the ability of airports to:

  • Install baggage conveyer systems related to aviation security.
  • Reconfigure terminal baggage areas as required to install explosive detection systems.
  • Deploy explosive detection systems behind the ticket counter, in the baggage sorting area or in line with the baggage handling system.

To apply for facility modification funding or for more information, please email your inquiry

Read the Planning Guidelines and Design Standards.


What types of baggage screening projects are eligible for funding through this application process?

Eligible in-line projects include requests for funding related to the design and construction of in-line baggage screening systems that require facility modification. Non-eligible projects include any request not related to an in-line baggage screening system including, but not limited to:

Stand-alone baggage screening systems; equipment decommission and removal; equipment relocation; ancillary and safety equipment; and reimbursement of explosives detection systems projects that are already completed.

Which application should be submitted for a project?

The facility modification funding application should be completed if an airport is requesting funding for construction of an eligible checked baggage inspection system. As part of a facility modification funding application, submitting airports must be prepared to provide its required cost share for the entire construction project.

The design other transaction agreements application should be completed if an airport is requesting funding for the design of an eligible checked baggage inspection system. The requesting airport must be prepared to provide its cost share for the design phase. Only projects for which the design phase has not begun will be allowed. As part of the design agreements process, airports will be expected to complete and submit a facility modification funding application at a later date, which will be defined in the executed agreement for the specific project for which the airport is seeking funding. For projects which have received design funding, the funding modification funding application may be submitted upon the completion of the schematic design phase.

What costs will be considered by TSA for funding?

Allocable, allowable and reasonable costs are reimbursable costs. TSA will conduct an analysis of the cost estimates submitted as part of each application to establish TSA’s proposed share of the total project cost.

Can funds be requested to cover costs already incurred?

Costs incurred prior to the date the other transaction agreement or letter of intent is executed by both TSA and the airport will not be reimbursed.

Which version of the planning guidelines and design standards is applicable to the application?

The applicable version will be defined in the facility modification funding contract or design OTA contract. Unless otherwise stated, the project must be compliant with the current version.

Can more than one project be submitted?

Airports may submit applications for more than one project however a separate application for each project is required.

How should I format submissions?

Electronic submissions are recommended and can be sent to . To ship submissions, send two (2) copies of the documents with scalable drawings on a CD via an express mailing service to:

EBSP Deployment POC
Mail Stop TSA TSIF - #32
Transportation Security Administration
1 Post Office Road
Washington, D.C. 20528-6032