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TSA Pittsburgh Officers Collaborate With Police

Monday, April 27, 2009

TSA Weekly

At Pittsburgh International Airport, two recent separate incidents resulted in arrests after Behavior Detection Officers (BDOs) collaborated with local law enforcement.

On April 12, Expert BDO Bob Tafelski and Master BDO Natasha LaVolpa identified a man who was wanted by local police for the alleged theft of airport property. Though the man checked in for a flight under an assumed name, the BDOs recognized him from a description and alerted police. He was charged with theft of property.

Four days later, Expert BDOs Kim Kraynak and Dominick Candalore observed a passenger acting suspiciously. During screening, they discovered multiple IDs in the man’s wallet, along with numerous credit cards, some having different names. When questioned, the man became evasive. The officers, working with police, determined that one of the credit cards was stolen. The man was charged with theft of property.

“These incidents continue to show the high value of the SPOT [Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques] program and the ability of our BDOs to identify elusive and criminal behavior,” said Karnel McMahan, Assistant FSD for Law Enforcement.

Photo of Expert BDOs Bob Tafelski, Kimberly Kraynak and Dominick Candalore. From left, Expert BDOs Bob Tafelski, Kimberly Kraynak and Dominick Candalore.
Photo by Bill Meitrott