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Electronic Baggage Screening Program (EBSP) May 5, 2014:
TSA has released the latest version of the Planning Guidelines and Design Standards (PGDS) for Checked Baggage Inspection Systems Version 4.2. In this version of the document TSA has removed the funding information regarding reimbursable/non-reimbursable costs for the Electronic Baggage Screening Program, from Appendix F of the document. The funding information is now available as a separate policy memo titled, TSA Funding of Checked Baggage Inspection System Project Costs, this memo is available in this page.

Electronic Baggage Screening Program (EBSP) August 27, 2013:
TSA does not prohibit airports from designing or constructing checked baggage inspection systems for Explosives Detection Systems (EDS) equipment not on the TSA Qualified Products List (QPL), also referred to as “Unqualified EDS”. Please note that due to the level of risk associated with the design and construction of checked baggage systems for Unqualified EDS, TSA will not (i) fund the design or construction of such projects, or (ii) commit to the delivery of equipment to meet construction schedules at the 30 percent design phase or beyond. Risks to an airport associated with the design and construction of checked baggage inspection systems for Unqualified EDS not on the QPL include:

  • Inappropriate scheduling of construction/design projects due to the inability to determine expected duration of EDS certification and qualification activities, particularly for EDS models and vendors not previously tested
  • Incurrence of construction delay costs associated with waiting for qualification of EDS equipment
  • Delay to realization of the benefits of a completed checked baggage system
  • Required redesign of a checked baggage inspection system (CBIS) to support a qualified EDS, due to changes in flight schedules or other airport operational changes

If an airport constructs a system for Unqualified EDS without the assistance of TSA, TSA will only provide such EDS if and when the equipment is approved for placement on the QPL and funds are available for purchase. Requests for EDS in these instances should be submitted via the TSA Office of Security Capabilities (OSC) Requirements website. Once the EDS is on the QPL, TSA will notify the airport of the status of the equipment and the expected delivery schedule.

Electronic Baggage Screening Program (EBSP) October 1, 2011:
As a result of declining budgets and a large amount of our equipment reaching its end of lifecycle, EBSP is shifting its priority to Recapitalization in order to address our aging EDS fleet. As we move forward, we will be funding In-Line Baggage Systems on a case by case basis and according to the availability of funds.

Planning Guidelines and Design Standards (PGDS) for Checked Baggage Inspection Systems:
(Due to the technical complexity of the Planning Guidelines and Design Standards (PGDS), the document may not be fully Section 508 compliant. For assistance with accessing this document, please contact the Office of Security Capabilities (OSC) Checked Baggage Technologies Division – Planning Branch at 571-227-1219 or e-mail at

Recapitalization & Optimization Process Guidance

Checked Baggage In-Line Funding Application Process Guidance

In-Line Funding Application Documents

Example of Checked Baggage In-Line System (CBIS)
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