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Updated Planning Guidelines and Design Standards for Checked Baggage Inspection Systems

Technology Update

After significant collaboration with the aviation industry, TSA issued revised Planning Guidelines and Design Standards for Checked Baggage Inspection Systems (PGDS) Version 4.1.

TSA prepared PGDS Version 1.0 as part of the Baggage Screening Investment Study in consultation with the aviation industry during 2006 and published it in October 2007.

Since then, TSA has completed several rounds of review processes in which industry comments and follow-on PGDS studies were incorporated and published in subsequent Version 2.0 and Version 3.0.

For Version 4.0, TSA addressed 210 industry comments and incorporated the results of several follow-on studies, among them completely new chapters dealing with on-screen resolution rooms, an example of a CBIS operations guide and checked baggage screening equipment SSI identification guide.

A revision to Version 4.0 was created to support a change in Appendix F “Reimbursable/Non Reimbursable Costs for the Electronic Baggage Screening Program”. The revision (Version 4.1) removes previous text concerning the use of pre-engineered structures to house baggage screening systems.

The design principles and methods in the PGDS incorporate insights and experience of industry stakeholders, including airport and airline representatives, planners, architects, baggage handling system designers, and equipment manufacturers. The PGDS is intended to assist planners and designers in developing cost-effective solutions and to convey TSA requirements for checked baggage inspection systems.

The PGDS emphasizes best practices associated with screening system layouts and addresses other factors necessary to actively manage system costs and performance.

TSA welcomes comments to the PGDS Version 4.1 from industry stakeholders and will continue to coordinate with the aviation industry to periodically update the PGDS. Comments and suggestions should be sent to by June 30, 2012 using the comment form that can be found here. Additional guidance on making comments can be found in Appendix A.

Latest revision: 27 January 2013