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Surface Transportation Grants

For fiscal year (FY) 2015, three security grant programs were appropriated for surface transportation security.  The FY 2015 Transit Security Grant Program (TSGP), Intercity Passenger Rail (IPR) and Intercity Bus Security Grant (IBSGP) programs were initially authorized in Sections 1406, 1513, and1532 (respectively) of the Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007, Public Law 110-53 (6 U.S.C. 1135) and are currently funded under Public Law 114-4, H.R.240 - Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2015.

The TSGP, IPR, and IBSGP directly support transportation infrastructure security activities. They are one tool in the comprehensive set of measures authorized by Congress and implemented by the Administration to strengthen the Nation’s critical infrastructure against risks associated with potential terrorist attacks. TSGP provides funds to owners and operators of transit systems (which include intracity bus, commuter bus, ferries, and all forms of passenger rail) to protect critical surface transportation infrastructure and the traveling public from acts of terrorism and to increase the resilience of transit infrastructure. IPR provides funds to Amtrak. IBSGP provides funds to over-the-road bus operators of fixed route and charter service to high-threat urban areas.

Please reference the documents below for an overview of highlights and key changes for this year’s programs.

Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC®)

A vital security measure that will ensure individuals who pose a threat do not gain unescorted access to secure areas of the nation’s maritime transportation system.

Global Strategies

OGS Mission: To develop and promote the implementation of effective global transportation security worldwide while ensuring compliance with international and TSA standards.