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Layers of Security

The Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Intermodal Security Training and Exercise Program (I-STEP) provides exercise, training, and security planning tools and services to the transportation community.

The program serves the port and intermodal, aviation, mass transit, freight rail, highway & motor carrier, and pipeline industries.

Working in partnership with the transportation modes, I-STEP enables security partners to:

  • Enhance security capabilities – Participate in and conduct exercises and training that strengthen security plans, test emergency procedures, and sharpen skills in incident management.
  • Build partnerships – Collaborate with modal partners, law enforcement personnel, first responders, health and medical professionals, government transportation and homeland security leaders, and industry representatives to address challenges in transportation security.
  • Gain insights in transportation security – Align program needs with Federal grant opportunities, gain a deeper understanding of lessons learned and best practices.

Serving Transportation Modes

I-STEP brings public and private sector partners together to exercise, train, share information, and address transportation security issues to protect travelers, commerce, and infrastructure.

I-STEP facilitates modal and intermodal exercises and workshops throughout the country. The program also provides training support to help modal operators meet their training objectives.

In addition, TSA is currently pilot testing an online transportation security portal, the Exercise Information System (EXIS), that guides users through a step-by-step exercise planning process, and provides a variety of exercise planning and evaluation tools, as well as lessons learned from the user community.

I-STEP Contact Information To learn more about I-STEP products and services, contact a TSA modal representative or e-mail to

Reducing Transportation Risk

I-STEP is the only Federal exercise program to focus on the security nexus of the intermodal transportation environment. As a result, the program reduces risk to individual systems, as well as the entire transportation network.

I-STEP is aligned to TSA’s Transportation Systems Sector-Specific Plan (TS SSP) under the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP). The Office of Security Policy and Industry Engagement manages the program.

Lessons learned from I-STEP exercises, training, and workshops help shape national transportation security policy.

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Latest revision: 17 April 2014