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Mass Transit and Passenger Rail

Office of Security Policy and Industry Engagement


Mass Transit and Passenger Rail Security

The mass transit and passenger rail mode is an integral part of our nation’s transportation system, moving millions of passengers across the nation through a network of over 6,000 individual transit systems, as well as thousands of employees, operational and maintenance facilities, construction sites, utilities, administrative facilities, and computerized networks. The types of mass transit systems included in this sector are commuter rail, heavy rail (subways and metros), light rail (trolleys and streetcars), long-distance rail (Amtrak and Alaska Railroad), monorail, cable cars, inclined planes (funiculars), automated guideway systems, intracity buses, and demand response services

Vision and Mission


A more secure and resilient national transportation system founded on strategic industry partnerships.


Transportation Security Administration - Office of Security Policy and Industry Engagement (OSPIE) develop security policies and plans that reduce the risk of catastrophic terrorist attacks.


Latest revision: 05 August 2014