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Part 1500 Applicability, Terms, and Abbreviations

49 CFR, Subchapter A - Administrative and Procedural Rules

Part 1500 Regulatory History

Civil Aviation Security Rules (67 FR 8340; 02/22/2002) (Docket No. TSA-2002-11602); Final Rule

Transportation Security Administration Transition to Department of Homeland Security; Technical Amendments Reflecting Organizational Changes (68 FR 49718; 08/19/2003) (Docket No. TSA-2003-14702); Amendment 1500-1: Final Rule

Part 1500 Other History

Assumption of Civil Aviation Security Functions and Responsibilities Under Chapter 449, Title 49, U.S.C. (67 FR 7939; 02/20/2002 ) (Docket No. TSA-2002-11612); Notice

Organization and Delegation of Powers and Duties to the Under Secretary of Transportation for Security, Transportation Security Administration (66 FR 67117; 12/28/2001 ) (Docket No. OST-1999-6189); Related Department of Transportation (DOT) Final Rule

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