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Pipeline Security

Pipeline Corporate Security Review (PCSR) Program


Conducted by the Pipeline Security Branch staff, the PCSR Program is an on-site security review with a pipeline company. PCSRs help establish working relationships with key security representatives in the pipeline industry as well as provide us with a general understanding of a pipeline operator's security planning and implementation. Data obtained from PCSRs aid in establishing a baseline against which to evaluate minimum security standards in the pipeline industry and identify coverage gaps. PCSRs help to identify and share smart practices observed throughout the industry.

International Pipeline Security Forum

Security Forum

The International Pipeline Security Forum is an ongoing initiative conducted annually by the Pipeline Security Branch in conjunction with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). This international forum is a 2-day conference that enhances government and industry pipeline security domain awareness and provides opportunities for discussion of major pipeline security issues, both domestic and international. Approximately 150–200 people usually attend the forum, and attendees include representatives and officials from the U.S. and Canadian governments, pipeline-related associations and pipeline owners and operators from the U.S. and Canada, and representatives from the security, intelligence, and law enforcement communities. The first International Pipeline Security Forum was held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in October 2005. For the past eight years, TSA and NRCan have alternated years hosting the International Pipeline Security Forum.  TSA hosts the event when it is held in the U.S.; NRCan hosts the event when it is held in Canada.  U.S.-hosted Forums have been held in 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012 in Chicago, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, and San Diego, respectively.

Pipeline Security Stakeholder Conference Calls

Monthly stakeholder conference calls allow the Pipeline Security Branch to pass on and discuss pipeline security items of interest with pipeline industry officials and other government representatives. The conference calls also provide pipeline security stakeholders and security partners with the opportunity to ask questions on topics or issues of interest to them. These stakeholder conference calls are chaired by the Pipeline Security Branch Manager, and guest speakers are often brought in to make presentations and discuss important issues, topics and programs that pipeline industry officials may be interested in.

Critical Facility Security Review Program

Under the Critical Facility Security Review program, the TSA Pipeline Security Branch conducts on-site visits to pipeline critical facilities, or other select pipeline facilities, and collects site-specific information from facility operators on facility security policies, procedures, and physical security measures.  Recommendations for improving the security posture of the facilities are provided to facility operators at the end of the visit.  Information collected from the reviews is analyzed and used to determine strengths and weaknesses at the nation’s critical pipeline facilities, areas to target for risk-reduction strategies, pipeline industry implementation of the voluntary pipeline security guidelines, industry smart practices, and the need for pipeline security regulations.

Latest revision: 05 June 2014