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IED Recognition and Detection for Railroad Industry Employees Training CD

IED CDTSA has produced a CD-ROM-based training program titled, "IED Recognition and Detection for Railroad Industry Employees." This is a self-paced program that leads users through four separate modules which focus on heightening rail employees' awareness of suspicious activity. Topics covered include an overview of the terrorist threat, high risk targets, improvised explosive device recognition, and inspection and response procedures.

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Freight Rail Security Awareness Brochure

A supplemental brochure, "Freight Rail Security Awareness," is available as a PDF file and can be customized by companies to meet their needs.

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Training CD and Brochure Orders

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Training Materials from Rail Security Workshops

Intermodal Security Training Exercise Program (I-STEP)

The Intermodal Security Training Exercise Program (I-STEP) is being utilized by the TSA’s Transportation Sector Network Management (TSNM) division for conducting transportation security exercises. TSA is applying the highly successful processes created under the Port Security Training Exercise Program (PortSTEP) to the multi-modal transportation sector through I-STEP. TSA developed I-STEP in an effort to enhance the preparedness of our Nation’s surface transportation network. I-STEP is designed to address the unique transportation security issues found in the intermodal environment of the nation’s transportation security network.

The Freight Rail Division conducted its first I-STEP exercise in the Chicago High Threat Urban Area (HTUA) in December 2007, with a follow-up and close-out exercise in May 2008. A subsequent I-STEP exercise was held in the Northern New Jersey HTUA in September 2008 and an additional exercise is scheduled in the Los Angeles metropolitan area for winter 2009. The I-STEP exercises facilitate discussions regarding the information sharing processes and coordination between the Federal government and the freight rail industry, particularly during heightened states of alert. TSNM Freight Rail and I-STEP have analyzed the diverse characteristics of the freight rail system to provide the right combination of tools and exercise services to address these variations. The I-STEP exercise has become a standard element of the Freight Rail Comprehensive Reviews that are conducted in selected major metropolitan areas.

Training Links

TSA has identified the following sites that possess information on robust security training programs for railroad frontline employees:

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