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Highway Security Counterterrorism Guides

TSA has four Highway Security Counterterrorism Guides: Trucking, Motorcoach, School Transportation and Infrastructure. These pocket guides detail terrorist threat indicators, targets, tactics, prevention measures, exercise guidelines, licensing and contact information, according to sector leadership and front line employees.

TruckingSchool BusMotorcoachHighway Infrastructure        

To order a Guide, please email your request to and include which guide, your name, title, company, mailing address and quantity. Please note quantities are limited at this time. Alternately, you may download an ePocket guide using these links:

Trucking Counterterrorism eGuide (PDF, 1.16mb)
School Bus Counterterrorism eGuide (PDF, 1.22mb)
Motorcoach Counterterrorism eGuide (PDF, 1.14mb)
Highway Infrastructure Counterterrorism eGuide (PDF, 1.17mb)

Latest revision: 02 October 2014