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In April 2011, TSA Pipeline Security Branch updated the TSA Pipeline Security Guidelines which provides recommendations for pipeline industry security practices.  These updated guidelines incorporate changes to the DHS threat advisory system and supersede the 2002 DOT Pipeline Security Information Circular and the related Pipeline Security Contingency Planning Guidance. A copy of the TSA Pipeline Security Guidelines is available in the Documents section of the Resources and Reports page of this Pipeline Security website.

TSA has also developed a National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Threat Level Protective Measures Supplement to the TSA Pipeline Security Guidelines.  This supplemental document contains a series of progressive security measures to reduce vulnerabilities to pipeline systems and facilities during periods of heightened threat conditions.  The supplement to these guidelines is unclassified but sensitive and is marked as Sensitive Security Information (SSI) and is available only to those persons with a "need to know." The supplemental document may be requested by sending an email request to

Latest revision: 18 August 2014